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3rd August 1905
3rd August 1905
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Page 1, 3rd August 1905

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Motor Omnibus Licenses.

Some members, who shall be nameless, of a certain South Coast residential suburb have been allowing their private interests...

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News of the Week.

"THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR" has been appointed the official organ of the Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers. The French Automobile...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Our editorial of last week deals with the question of motor omnibuses in relation to the report of the Royal Commission on...

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A Wolseley Vacuum Cleaner.

We give two illustrations of an equipment made for the Vacuum Cleaner Co., Ltd., of 25, Victoria Street, S.W., by the Wolseley...

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What France is Doing.

Fully Illustrated Account of the Trials now in Progress. On July 13th, 1897, the council of the Liverpool Self-Propelled...

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Differential Gears Explained and Illustrated.

It will be noticed (Fig. 2) that the shaft is separated into h.% t) halves, and that each road wheel is fixed to a separate...

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Motors for Business Calls. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :—With reference to the illustration which you published...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

No. z9,24x, dated September 6th, 1904. —Vehicle Wheel.—T. Jones, of the Jones Haulage Syndicate, Warwickshire.—The wheel is...