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27th August 1914
27th August 1914
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Page 1, 27th August 1914

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"Keep the Wheels of Industry Turning."

Payment for Commandeered Vehicles. It is with the utmost restraint that we treat in print any WI/ subject in a manner which...

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Steam-wagon Works and the

Training of Additional Drivers. The shortage of steam-wagon drivers is likely to continue for some months to come, unless...

Mid - week Slackness a Laundry Vans.

One of the many common incidents of the past., which have to-day become invested with an unusual degree of importance, is the...

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The " Life " of Adapted Chassis.

, The industry is faced with a considerable number of immediate recruits to its ranks. We ask for assurances that proper...

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Another busy week has passed in connection with our Employment Bureau, and large numbers of further names have been sent in by...

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"The Commercial Motor" Freight Exchange.

The Problem of Returned Empties. "Dear Sir or Madam,— " It may not be realised by a large number of our customers that our...

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In Place of the One-horse Van.

A typical inquiry (dated 17th lust) reads:—" Having taken (h.? C Ill, now for some time, 1 have been interested as a tradesman...

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" Made in Germany'?

We Reproduce the Text of the New Act of Parliament Giving the Board of Trade Powers to Nullify German Patents, and the Text of...

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One Hears

Of Berlin wool gathering. That the van keeps coming on. I Made in Germany—unmade in Belgium." That no electricity has been...

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From Railhead to Rendezvous.

Although many people realize by now that the first Expeditionary Force of the British Army has a great array of motor transport...

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What to Do in Emergencies.

During the present state of affairs, we shall substitute this new feature for our usual " Drivers' and Mechanics'...

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The Barrett Jacks.

We have recently been in touch with the White-Coleman Motors, Ltd., Carlow Street, Camden Town, London, N.W., concerning the...

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Answers to Queries.

Extra Platform Space from Trailer. [2453] (Manchester.—A rubber-tired steam lorry may have a trailer attached to it, but the...

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Patents Cornpleted.

New Crossley Sleeve-poppet Valve. Adjustable Roller Bearings. cooled Sleeve Valves. Checking Leaf-spring Vibration. Onossrmy...