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26th April 1917
26th April 1917
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Page 1, 26th April 1917

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Lord French On the "Trouble and Inconvenience " of Volunteering.

The appeal of His. Majesty the King; for general civilian support in aid of the Volunteer; ' appeared in our issue of the 8th...

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Motorbus Weight.

The Call for Improvements on Present London Practice. By the Editor. We published last week the text of the notification by...

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A Few " Comforts " Confidences.

"The Inspector." I was one of those who gladly lent a hand, in the early days of the war, towards the inauguration of TIIE...

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One Hears

That Ford can afford it. • -0--That good welding carries numbers.. Of important insurance developments pending. . That...

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French Government' s Agrimotor Trials.

Twenty-two Machines Take Part: Fifteen American, Including the Ford, and Seven French. Very Little Public Enthusiasm. From Our...

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Town Planning and Town Linking.

Difficulties in the Way of Making New Inter-borough Roads. Mr. W. Rees Jeffreys is tb be congratulated upon the compilation of...

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The Wheels of Industry.

" The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arisioL!, as' a carriage is by the...

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City of London Motor Volunteers.

Formation of Heavy Squadrons by C.M.U.A. The revival of the Mechanical Transport Column of the City of London National Guard,...

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The Commercial Motor in Australia.

By Our Australian Correspondent. r . In 1909, before I had been very long in Australia, I came across a, Bill before the Lower...

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The Smith Forma-Truck.

An Attachment which Can Transform an Ordinary Ford Car into a One-ton Commercial Vehicle. A machine which is likely to be of...

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The Use of Motor Spirit in Chars-a-Bancs.

Important Appeal as to Definition. In the King's Bench Divisional Court on Friday, before the Lord Chief Justice, Justices...

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Safety First in London Traffic.

Last week's meeting of the London " Safety First" Council, to which we have already briefly referred, had before, it an...

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Our Despatches from the Front (No. 156).

Motor Transport in the Mountains of the Vosges. WITH A VBENCH MOTOR AMBULANCE. 16711 , March, 1917. . Our rest peribd is...

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Answers to Queries.

Volunteers for National Service. [4198] (Employer).—We quite agree that any undue urging of appeals to drivers or other men,...

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A PRIZE OF TEN SHILLINGS is awarded coca week to

the sender of The best letkr which we publish on this page ad others paid for at the rate of a penny a line, with an allowance...

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With Intent to Improve.

A Weekly Summary of Recent Patents, of Interest to the Maker and User of Commercial Motor Vehicles. Selected and Abridged by...