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23rd March 1905
23rd March 1905
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Page 1, 23rd March 1905

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About No. 1: How it was Issued.

The reception accorded to our first number has been highly satisfactory to us. The issuing of 20,000 copies was a bold order...

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News of the Week.

The verdict upon '' No. 1 " was unanimously favourable. A twelve-page Indian and Colonial Supplement goes out with several...

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A Double-Purpose Vehicle.

There must be a large number of tradesmen who would wish to adopt the most up-to-date system of retail goods distribution, but...

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Motor Van and Wagon Users' Association.

Function to Mark our Present Freedom. A luncheon took place on Tuesday last to commemorate the coining into force of the Heavy...

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Electric Police Patrol Wagon. It has Reduced Crime.

The city of Akron, Ohio, which is known so widely as a centre of the tyre manufacturing industry in the United States, claims...

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Proves the Increasing Use of Commercial Motors. The Exhibition at the Royal Agricultural Hall has not fallen short of the...

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Steam Vehicles at the Show.

MESSRS. JAMES ROBERTSON AND SON, of Dock Street Engineering Works, Fleetwood, exhibit one of their standard 5-ton hydraulic tip...

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Petrol Vehicles at the Show.

MESSRS. H. M. HOBSON, LTD., of Sc, King's Road, S.W., show the Decauvine delivery van. The pressed steel framework gives ample...

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Vans, Wheels, Tyres and Sundries.

THE SHREWSBURY AND CHALLINER TYRE CO., LTD., Page Street, Westminster. This exhibit shows a good assortment of both 'bus and...

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Impressions of South Africa.

By A. R. Atkey. During the last ten or twelve years the eyes of the world have been turned with the greatest interest to South...

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Drivers for Heavy Commercial Motors.

By T. C. Aveling, A.M.I.C.E. The success of a vehicle which develops its own power rests in almost every case upon the...

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India and the Colonies.

Markets for Immediate Business. In considering the possible outlets for trade the home market is not the only one wherein the...

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Commercial Motors for Street Advertising.

Among the many .spects presented by the commercial motor in daily use there are some which are not appreciated at first sight....

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Will Supplies of Petroleum Spirit Last?

In considering the question of the available supplies of petroleum spirit and the. enormous increase in consumption which is...

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" Wolseley " Vans for Medium Weights.

At the huge works at Adderley Park, Birmingham, the Wolseley Tool and Motor Car Company, Ltd., arc turning out an enormous...