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20th April 1905
20th April 1905
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Page 1, 20th April 1905

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Visible Vapour and Smoke.

Owners of steam vehicles are sometimes exercised in their minds by sudden bursts of energy on the part of the Police and other...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Rochester is in the throes of a discussion upon the merits of motor buses versus electric trams. it is proposed to electrify...

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News of the Week.

From " The Times " of April 12th : " 'THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR is framed on plain and practical lines. It bears every appearance of...

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M.V. 82W.U. Association.

The Ccmunittee met at the Automobile Club on Friday last at six o'clock. There were present Lt.-Col. R. E. B. Crompton, C.B.,...

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An All-British Motor Omnibus.

Some Details of the Dennis System. Messrs. Dennis Brothers, Limited, of Bridge Street, Guildford, are now turning out their...

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French Commercial Trials.

The commercial motor trials which are to take place in August under the control of a committee of the French Automobile Club...

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Good Work by a "Coult. A "Foden" Wagon at hard" Wagon. Leicester.

It will be seen that a total distance of 400 miles was covered, of which only 18 miles was light running, whilst no less a sum...

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Three Motor Wagons Save £1,200 a Year.

Results of Three Years' Experience on a 25-tni1e Trip. We have been able to gather some valuable data from the records kept by...

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Interesting Features in the Simms-Welbeck System.

The Simms Manufacturing Company, Ltd., of Welbeck Works, Kimberley Road, Kilburn, N.W., are manufacturing three different...

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Some Notes for the Running Shed.

Hints for Drivers of Petrol Vehicles. Continuing our notes from last week, we give a few hints for users of petrol vehicles....


"1.1-I." (Bulk).-Read our several replies on the subject of " Carryieg by Contract" in 'last week's issue. If you advise us...

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Recollections of an Early Vehicle Trial.

By "Observer.' The Editor is probably technically correct in speaking ot the Lancashire Steam Motor Company's van, which was...

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The Care of Motor Omnibuses.

By an Employee of a Company using them in London. The appearance of the motor omnibus on our streets naturally raises the...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

Renault's Valve Gear. Bussing's Chain Relief. Cundall's Starter. No. 29,060 : Dated July r6th, Renault, Billancourt,...