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16th March 1945
16th March 1945
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Page 1, 16th March 1945

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,Forty Years of Road Transport

T HE number of commer cial vehicles of all classes has increased a hundredfold since the earliest days of this journal. In 1905...

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Passing Comments

VIAGNETIZED . strips of ivIroad, 'and slippers carried under vehicles, which slippers are attracted into frictional contact...

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One Hears

" It don't seem a day too much "--40 years! Suggestions that a curfew for children would save many road accidents. Of a...

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News of the Week

Haulage Wage Increases Approved QTATUTORY effect has now been k...7given in R.H.(18) to the latest proposals of the Road...


T HE first of the policy booklets issued by the National Council of the R.H,A. coyers the ease for private enterprise in road...

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Aiming for Greater Passenger-transport Efficiency .

A VARIETY of passsenger-transport topics came under discussion at a recent meeting of the Yorkshire Transport Society, at...

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Personal Pars

MR. CHARLES CLORE has become chai;man of Jowett Cars, Ltd., whilst Messrs. L. STAINER and J. C. G'. WEGERIF are appointed...

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A Campaign for National Highways

T HE chairman of the British Road Federation, Mr. G. N. Wilson, has been busy speaking on road problems. On March 6, at a...

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The Functions of Trade Associations

Representative Bodies are Growing in Number and Importance, Therefore By These Observations on Their Status and Work are Worthy...

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From More Than 40 Years Ago

First Editor of " The Commercial Motor" and Chairman of the War Savings Committee of the Road Transport Industry Since its...

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F IRST published on March 16, 1905, " The Commercial Motor" was edited for many years by . Mr. E. S. Shrapnell-Smith, C.B.E.,...

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asked to " vet " new designs before they have been announced, and their criticisms have, in most cases, been accepted. In one...

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The Industry Pays Tribute

I T is not often that a trade and tecluiical journal is able to commence publication at what is, virtually, the birth of an...

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Open Letter to the Minister of Labour

if We Are to Secure Our Rightful Place in Overseas Markets We Must be Given Greater Freedom. Mr. Ernest Bevin is Urged to Exert...

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Surface Roughness and Lubrication

I N-1937, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers held a world conference on the subject of lubrication; the records of that...

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Solving the Problems of the Carrier

When Entering Into a Contract The Precautions That a Haulier Must Take to Ensure That no Misunderstanding Arises in Connection...

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Hydraulic Coupling With Low-speed Slip

. A N hydraulic eoupling, which will .1""1 perform the duties usually associated with an automatic centrifugal clutch, forms...