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11th July 1907
11th July 1907
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Page 1, 11th July 1907

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Steam-wagon and Tractor Progress Since 1898.

Any time now spent over a perusal of the records that were obtained, in the month of May, t898, with typical steam vehicles of...

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A Departure in Steam Tractor Design.

Green' s Model with Tandem-Compound Engine. Many well-known engineering companies now build steam :Actors which come within...

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Points in the Design of Commercial Vehicles.

By a Member of the Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers. The fact, that some manufacturers, who are making cornnercial motor...

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A New Non-Slipping Device.

Inventors of non-slip devices for motorbuses have been very busy during the past year. The majority of their productions are,...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

An interesting and important decision by New Scotland Yard is quoted . on page 463. The statement that has been circulated in...

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News and Comment.

This journal fosters, represents, and chronicles commercial motoring in all its branches: our regular weekly circulation...

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Previous Commercial Motor Trials.

At Liverpool in 1898. It is not inappropriate, at a time when people are heg - inning - , to turn their attention increasingly...

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Road Locomotion in Relation to Public Health.'

One aspect of the question which is of the very greatest :importance, and which comes very forcibly home to a large portion of...

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A Motor "Growler" Wanted. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir -I observe, in the correspondence columns of the issue of...

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Ball Bearings for Heavy Work.

The ball bearing which we illustrate :)y two views on this page is the " F. end S.," for which The " Tormo " Manufacturing...

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The Elements of Electrical Ignition.

A Brief Explanation of Standard Systems, In the case of multi-cylinder engines, the carrier (H) would have as many brushes (G)...

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The Advertisement Side of the Motor Vehicle.

By Henry Sturrney. One side of the question of the motor vehicle in its application to business purposes is one which, in some...

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Patents Completed.

VARIABLE SPEED GEAR.—Lambert. —No. 4,826, dated 27th February, 1907.-On the driven shaft jx) is a looselymounted worm wheel (a)...