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The Comforts Funds Appeal

9th March 1940, Page 26
9th March 1940
Page 26
Page 26, 9th March 1940 — The Comforts Funds Appeal
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SATISFACTORY as has been the N../rapid response to the special appeal made by Mr. W. E. Rootes, president of the S.M.M. and T., on behalf of the Comforts Funds for the R.A.S.C. and R.A.O.C., gifts in cash and kind are still urgently needed. Up to Saturday last, the total cash donations reached £2,155, but pressing demands are being made upon the funds, and the size and importance of the industry and the vast numbers of people in the motor. ing community justify the hope that this sum will be greatly exceeded.

It should he remembered that the demands will be continuous, and probably increased if the war develops more actively, whilst the number of men concerned is steadily rising.

As we have pointed out before, gifts in cash should be sent to Lieut.-Col. D. C. McLagan, D.S.O., Hobart House, Wilton Street, London, S.W.1, and parcels to him, care of Comforts Funds, Kensington Palace Barracks, London, W.8.

The following is a list of subscribers at March 2:—

Messrs. W. E. and ft. C. Rootes ... 315 0 Austin Motor Co., Ltd. ... 250 0 Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd. ... ... 210 0 Col. J. P. Black and Standard Motor Co., Ltd ... ... 210 () Guy Motors, Ltd. ... .. 157 10 Dennis Bros., Ltd. ... ... 150 0 John I. Thornycroft and Co., 1.1d. 160 0 Joseph Lucas. Lta. ... 105 0 Brown Bros.. Ltd. ... ... 52 10 Mr. J. Albert Thomson ... 52 10 Atria, Ltd. ... 52 10 £10.—Automotive Engineering Co., Ltd.: Chrysler Motors, Ltd.; Mr. Benjamin King; Norris, Henty and Gardners, Ltd.

LS 5a.—Mr F. It. Simms; British Jaeger Instruments, Ltd. Marshall and Co.; Shaw and Kilburn, Ltd.; Mr. Oliver Lucas: Mr. H. 0. Healy; Bowmaker, Ltd.; County Chemical Co., Ltd.; E.N.V. Engineering Co., Ltd.; Feder's, Ltd.; E. J. Jack, Ltd.; Kennedy and Kempe, Ltd.; •Solex, Ltd.; Tozer, Kemsley and Millbourn, Ltd.

*5.—Mr. W. F.. Hobbs; Bluemel Brothers, Ltd.; Lieut-Commander .1. W. Thornycroft; Mr. W. Wallace; Mrs. G. B. Clifton-Brown; Pilgrims Way Motor Co., Ltd.'' F, M. Summerfield, Ltd.; Surridges Patents, Ltd. .44 es. 9d.—Simms Motor Units' Works and Staff.

£4 ft.—Glacier Metal CO., Ltd.

£3 3s.—Cathedral Garage, Ltd.; Globe and Simpson, 'Ltd.; Pennon and C4., Ltd.; E. Steiner, Ltd.; Mr. A. G. B. Owen.

£2 N.—Mr. H. E. Timson; Citroen Cars, Ltd.; Colmore Depot; Croydon Automobile Co., Ltd.; Davies Tyre Co., Ltd.; Charles Follett, Ltd.; Metal Mouldings, Ltd.; S. H. Newsome and CO., Ltd.; "Passenger Transport Journal RipanIts, Ltd.; Benjamin Whittaker, Ltd.-' Mr. G. 0, Smith; John C. Beadle and Co., Ltd.; British Belting and Asbestos, Ltd.; Delco-Remy and Hyatt, Ltd.; Thomas Harrington, Ltd.; L. If. Newton and Co., Ltd,

A2.—Mr. G. H. Lanchester.

Al Is.—Mr. II. P. Astbnry; Mr. F. J. Maishman ; Mr. A. F. Palmer Phillips; Mr. J. Robertson; J. Clayton and Sons; Glasse Paint Products, Ltd.; "Kent Messenger "•, Masonite, Ltd.; Milne and Russell, Ltd.; Moody's Motors. Ltd.; Spink (Bournemouth), Ltd.; Taylor and Joaes, Ltd.; United Motors, Ltd.; Mr. P. J. Freeman; Captain J. S. Irving; Mr. W. Shelley; Mr. C. F. Gardner.

.£1.—Miss S. Meyer; Mrs. 'I'. M. Minett; Mr. E. A. Whitten; Francis Garage, Ltd.; L. M. van Moppes and Sons.

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