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Passing Comments C.D. Ambulances should be kept at the Ready"

9th June 1944, Page 16
9th June 1944
Page 16
Page 17
Page 16, 9th June 1944 — Passing Comments C.D. Ambulances should be kept at the Ready"
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. . . . RATEPAYERS in a certain C.D. Ambulances should be kept at the Ready" . . . .

southern town are expressing indignation at a misuse of their property. The powers that be have ordered that the G.T.C. should have instruction in driving and car maintenance—a good idea in itself, but the " car " chosen for the job is the local C.D. ambulance, bought out of public funds. In the evenings the girls are always driving it or taking it to pieces, so that it is seldom available for driving firactice for the members of the ambulance party. Moreover, a local blitz might occur when it is in a state of disintegration. The interior of the vehicle is in an unhygienic condition through the instructor's habit of letting the girls stow their bicycles in it.

Case of Altering the r.rHERE liave always been FOOC to Fit the -thousands of examples of •

Shoe stupidity on the part of people •

responsible to a greater or less degree for prosecuting.the war, but we think that a story recently heard, and we were assured that it had full foundation in fact, must surely take the biscuit. A considerable number of aeroplane propellers had to be consigned' from a contractor's works, and the cases for carrying these propellers. had been ordered and completed beforehand. Some mistake had been made in preparing the cases and they were not big enough. A trifle like that could not possibly be allowed to stand in the way of the urgent dispatch of the propellers, so the contractor cut the tips off the blades.

Dunlop Chairman's .Warning Concerninz Rubber Position . .

AWARNING against undue optimism concerning the position of rubber was given by Sir George Beharrell, chairman of the Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., in a recent statement. He said that the increasing quantities of synthetic rubber now reaching this country. 1324 tended to create the impression that the rubber crisis has passed. That is not the case: The greatest. econcnny of usage is stilt essential. The running condition S for vehicles have been abnormally severe, and both operators and the servicing branches have given valuable assistance in the conservation of materials. This help will be more than ever necessary in the near future, when the increased use of synthetic rubber in tyres will present new problems.

.Warning Concerninz Rubber Position . . Artificial Sunlight Helps Repair of Rubber Boots . . .

By the title of this paragraph, we do not mean that rubber boots are actually repaired by artificial sunlight. It is, however, employed to bring back to health workers at the Dunlop factory in Manchester when they are found to be suffering from minor skin troubles, sepsis, etc., developed as a result of dealing with the repair of old rubber boots, which have positively rained upon the company under the national scheme. Some of these boots are evil smelling and even verminous —in fact, they are described as dirty. beyond 'belief. The general effect cif the sun-ray treatment is to raise weight and give those receiving it a feeling of fitness and increased power, whilst appetites become almost embarrassing.


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