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9th January 1923
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Page 3, 9th January 1923 — ONE HEARS
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

Of floods.

Of a boom in Arks.

Of lamps therefor.

That service is as service does.

Of City traffic—mud and muddle.

Of an epidemic of non-starteritis.

That " Make or Break" is the rule of life.

That the Old Year went out like a darn—burst.

Of a-really good plug for Fords at four shillings.

That .Ma,udslays carry quite a few scraps of paper.

That you don't want a crack driver for the transport of eggs.

That the effect of " Frost" on Ford vans is beneficial.

That cold storage is not suitable for a butcher's motorvan.

That more opposition buses will appear on the London streets.

That a handle can be turned without a lathe, but not without a lather.

Of 64-seater double-deckers giving true and trusty service in the Midlands.

That • Weary Willie raises no objection to taking charge of a "no-trouble lorry."

Of the exclamation of the cold, engine,—" How happy could I be with ether) " That, in some quarters, it is thought that the margin allowed for overloading is overdone, That a reduction of this factor would materially lower the unsprung chassis weight.

That the driver who dreamt of petrol at a shilling a gallon is in hospital with Shell-shock.

That the future of the horse will be concerned with the drying of clothes-,--by the kitchen fire.

That the progress and development of the motorbus should Make Benjamin • Outram turn in his grave.

That ambiguity surrounds the question of the overall length allowed by law for four-wheeled vehicles.

The query : "Is there a limit ? "

That another large concern, previously devoted to horse-drawn traffic, has at last recognized the value of the Ford.

That although early violets may now be picked by the roadside, there are more shower flows than flower shows in the country. Of cold storage.

Of the " jib" boom.

Of -demurs at dimmers.

Of extra air and excessive water 01 the Ford a.s a by-pass roadster.

Of express buses on the Continent.

Of sun-spots, and of sunny spots—elsewhere.

The query whether a swa,shnlate ever buckles.

That there might be a George Robey clack-valve.

Of good ideas in bus bodies which 'have been copied.

That Birmingham has now 40 fire-fighting motor vehicles.

And that other Birmingham fire-stations will shortly be erected. • Of the bright boy who said he could spell words of four cylinders.

That even the Scammell's back should not be loaded with the last straw.

That the very thought of Parsons chains disturbs the unhappily married.

That the weather broke its New Year resolutions quite as soon as any of us.

That Mr. William Sikes wishes to know the whereabouts of the " Golden Pump."

That some chassis are designed with little consideration for the coachbuilders.

That "It's All Ova" would have been a good title for that picture of the egg-laden lorry.

That a second g in the name of the owner, Mr. Broegaard, would havebeenhappily appropriate.

-That, had Byron been a motorist, he might have sung, instead, of "The oils and grease! "

Query a•s to what equivalent benefit we are getting from the millions drawn from motor taxation.

Of the.driver's.greeting-to• the engine that wouldn't start the day—" 0 wert thou in the cold ?—blast!


Locations: Birmingham, London

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