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Salford Company Buy 57 More Vehicles

8th July 1955, Page 70
8th July 1955
Page 70
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Page 70, 8th July 1955 — Salford Company Buy 57 More Vehicles
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AOTHER 51 ex-British Road Services' vehicles (266k tons) have been licensed to Hacketts Haulage, Ltd., 229. Cross Lane, Salford, 5, although a large number has now been transferred to other operators.

In Scotland, a substantial repeat purchase has been made by McKelvie and Co., Ltd., Barrhead. Eighteen vehicles, including seven articulated outfits, were concerned.

Details of these and many other purchases are given below.

SCOTLAND MeKelvic and Co., Ltd., 13arrhead, have made a repeat purchase comprising 1$ vehicles (721 tons). Seven articulated out fits are included, They are based at Paisley.

Other successful repeat tenderers are: Kinneil Transport Co., Edinburgh. a lorry (4 tons); Mr, William Stewart, Dalkeith, one (5 tons); Mr. R. Drummond, Armadale, one (6 tons); and Alexander Scott (Cootractors). Ltd., Glasgow, two lorries (9.1*tons) and two trailers.

-Five lorries (15 tons) have been taken over from Mr. E. Waters, Monkseatort, by Messrs. W. C. and G. Halliday, Palnackie.

Mr. Sala Anderson, Newhouse has transferred two lorries (9i tons) to eharles Horne and Co., Ltd., Grangemouth, and one•13 tons) to Forrest Plant and Hiring Co., Airdrie.

Other assignments authorized by the Scottish Licensing Authority are: two lorries (141 tons) to Mr. Thomas 0, MeGawn, Ayr, by Murphy Bros., Ltd., Syston, Leicester: one (5k tons) to James Rice and Co., Ltd., Glasgow. by John Hunter and Sons (Transport). Ltd.. Airdrie; one (51 tons) to Mr. D. Smith, Drumclog, By Strathaven, by Mr. L. (1 leave, Audlern; and an artieulared outfit (71 tons) to Sandy Gilmore (Plant). Ltd., Glasgow, by Mr. A. Cusick, Oldham.

Special A licences have also been issued to Messrs, Edward Preston and Soos. Larhcrt, for a lorry (71 tons); and John Rhind (Haulage Contractors). Ltd., Aberdeen, for one (31 tons) based in Glasgow.

NORTHERN AREA Wright Bros. (Wolverhampton), Ltd.. Crown Street. Wolverhampton. have acquired a lorry (41 tons) and a trailer, based in Carlisle.

NORTH-WEST Special A licences for. 57 vehicles, including an articulated unit and a trailer (2661 tons), have been granted to Haekeits Haulage, Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Salford, 5.

Many of these vehicles have been transferred. Four lorries (101 tons) have gone to Slaters Transport. Ltd.. in the Northern Traffic Alva, three (221 tons) to P. McCallum and Sons, Ltd.. Barrows Green Garage, Derby Road, Widnes ; one (51 tons) to Mr. A. P. Hollingworth, Stoneleigh. Cumberwarth, near Huddersfield: one 181 tons) to S. J. Harris (Transport), Ltd., in the Scottish Traffic Area: one (3 tons) to Mr. E. W. Lomas. 28 Grimthaw Lane, 13ollington, Macclesfield; one (71 tons) to Messrs. Calvet"( Bros., Makking House, Brock, near Uarstang; one (8 tons) to Messrs. Gowlands 1 sansoort, in the. Northern Traffic Area; one (4!, tons) to FL Coulthard. Ltd., Twynholm: one (8 tons) to Mr. W. G. Robinson. in the Northern Traffic Area; one (8 tons) to Mr. C. W. Robinson, in the Northern Traffic Area; one (71 tons) to Messrs_ Ace Transport, in the Scottish Traffic Area; one (5 tons) to Mr_ C. W. lioddy, Brigg


Lane Farm, Cambleforth. Selby: one (5 tons) to F. Heaton and Sons (Transport), Ltd., in the Yorkshire Traffic Area; one (7 tons) to Mr. J. M. McInnes, Wakefield Garage, Ings Road, Wakefield; one (7 tons) to Messrs. .1. Ward/ey and Sons in the Northern Traffic Area; the articulated outfit (41 tons) to E. Hartshorne and Co., Ltd., in the West Midland Traffic Area; and four lorries and the trailer 00 tons) to J. W Field-send, Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Salford, 5.

One of the lorries ‘.3 tens) v-as made over to Hacketts Haulage by Hobbs Waters and Co., Ltd., 343a Stretford Road, Manchester, who have also transferred five lorriesand two trailers (37, tons) to J. W. Eietdsend.

A lorry (11 tons) sold to J. W. Fieldsend by Hacketts Haulage, has been re-assigned to Woodcocks Transport (Charley), Ltd., Park Road Garage, •Heskin, Charley, Lakics.


Twelve more lorries have been added to the fleet operated by Ackworth Transport Co., Ltd., who, as reported in The Commercial Motor on June 17, have resumed operations from their original premises in Wakefield Road, Ackworth, near Pontefract.

Eight of these vehicles were sold to the company by Mr. C. Grace, Chapel Lane, South Elmsall, who has successfully tendered for another 19. The remaining four came from Mr. B. T. Weaver, 38 Barnsley Road, South Elmsall, who has bought 15 more.

Mr. Grace has transferred the remaining 11 as follows: H. Campey and Son, Ltd.. Sonffilands Farm, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby, one; Mr. A. Price, 75 Low Road. Sheffield, one; Arthur Binns, Ltd., Dewsbury Road, Ossett, one; Messrs.

S. Conway and J. Griffin, Hayeyon House, Brieley Row, Grirnesihorpe. one: Messrs. J. H. Buckley and Sons, Church Farm, Eekington, One; Mr. D. Boot, Wessington, Derbys, one; Mansfield Haulage Co., Ltd., Stacey Road Garage, Smedley Street, Matlock, one; Mr. G. Cheetham, 10 Warren Walk, Royston, one; Mr. S. C. Gyte, 163 Sandygitte Road, Sheffield, 10, one; and L. Green (Haulage), Ltd., 74 Broad Street, Parkgate, Rotherham. one. The it vehicles left with Mr. Weaver have gone to: Mr. T. D. Alexander, 32 Hereford Street, Sheffield, 1, one; Messrs, J. Stancliffe and Sons, Cockley Hill Farm, Kirkheater, Huddersfield, one; Mr. H. Swithenbank, 259 Bradford Road, Otley, one; Mr. 3, Browinbridge, Whitehouse Farm, High Eggbro ugh, Whitley Bridge, one; Messrs. Revill, Sons and Broadbent, Manchester Road, Deepear, Sheffield, one; Mr. A. E. Buckle, Old Hall, Thorganby, York, one; Messrs. Walkers Motors, Carville, Staddlerhorpe, Gilberdyke, one; Clewley Transport, Ltd., Hodgson Street, Hull, me; J. Duffel! (Transport), Ltd., 92 Wakefield Road, Ackworth, one; Mr. T. Bedclows, Woodhouse Green Garage, Normanton, one; and Mr. S. Backhouse, 5 Wensley Road, Leeds, 7, one.


Two Birmingham units (6404 and 6405) comprising four lorries (19 tons) have been bought by Messrs. E and J. Davis, Stockwelt Road..Handsworth. Two vehicles taken over in earlier purchases by Messrs. Davis have now been transferred. One (3 tons) has gone to Messrs. B. E. B. Transport, 82 Churchill Road, Birmingham, 9; and one (3 tons) to Mr. S. T. W. Priest, 126 High Street, WorHey, near Stourbridge.

Two A.E.C. six-wheelers purchased by Mr. S. E. Jones, Jesmodene, Walsall Wood Road, Aldridge, are to be used for general long-distance work. They join a number of special A-licensed lorries,

Mr. W. Hughes, 19 Barnacle Lane, Bulkington, has successfully tendered for an Albion 6-tonner which he Will use for general haulage. He already has two vehicles, which are employed on carrying Coat.

Messis_ Barker and Shenton, New Garage, Cheekley, near Tears, have assigned two lorries (61 tons) to Messrs. Turner Bros., Foundry Garage, Bucknall, Stokeon-Trent; one (31 tons) to Mr. 4. C. Gallimorc,Broad Oak Farm, Uttoxeter; and one (31 tons) to Mr. K. Brown. 12 Sandon Road, Cresswell, Stoke-on-Trent.

EAST „MIDLANDS Two units based at • Brig& each comprising an articulated vehicle (2 tons), have been acquired by Greaves and Lamming, Ltd., Back of 60 Sixhill Street, Grimsby. The units, offered in list 10, were 6737 and 6738.

A lorry (71 tons) bought by Murphy Bros.. Ltd., Melton Road. Syston, Leicestor, has been assigned to S. Ball and Son (Transport), LW., West End Garage, Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol.

EASTERN AREA Another live lorries and four trailers (221 ions) have been purchased by Turner's (Soharn), Ltd., New Path, Fordham. Mr. F. Askew, Spring Farm, Frating, has bought another two lorries (6 tons) and Mr. W. Hemmings, 14 Grosvenor Road, Westeliff-on-Sea, one (3 tons).

0. G. Barnard and Sons. Ltd., Station Road. Stowmarket, have transferred two articulated outfits (10 tons) to Messrs. Page Bros., Stoneland House, Capel St. Mary, and a lorry (3 tons) to T.W.S. Transport, Ltd., Low Farm, Sotherton. Other assignments are: Mr. G. W. C. Bennett, The Street, Weeley. two lorries (61 tons) to Mr. H. G. Taylor, Barden, Harwich Road, Little Clacton; Messrs. R. W. Harvey and Son, London Road Garage. Sandy, one (21 tons) to Mr. V. F. Richardson. -24 Bury Hill, Potion; Welch's Transport: Ltd., London Road. Stapleford, one (21 tons) to Mr. E. J. Stepney, 113 Ditton Walk, Cambridge; and Mr. C. Brett, 25 Cavendish Street, Peterborough, one (3 tons) to Messrs. G. Miller and Son, School Road, Bamack.

Mr. V. J. Grange, 124 Bridge Street, Peterborough, who has bought another three lorries (12 tons), has transferred one (3 tons) to S. T. Challis, Ltd., in the East Midland Traffic Area


Twelve lorries (59 tons 16 cvrt.) have been taken over by Rogercraft, Ltd., 49 Church Street, Tewkesbury, in a first purchase.

A repeat purchase, involving two lorries (6 tons), has been made by Tone Vale Transport, Ltd„ Church Street, Wiveliscombe.

S. Ball and Son (Transport), Ltd., West End Garage, Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol, who are also mentioned under " East Midlands," have assigned a lorry to each of the following: Mr. I. R. Dunkerley, High Street, Chipping Sodbury (71 tons); Mr. P. R. Woodhouse, Ridgeway Farm, Crudwell (5 tons II cwt.); Mr. W. J. 1. Downton, 35 Kenmore Road, Knowle, Bristol (3 tons 3 cwL); Messrs. C. T. and V. C. Clark, Tyning View (3 tons); Willsbridge Transport, Ltd., 126 Bryants Hill, Bristol (3 tons) and Mr. W. H. Pritchard, 18 Westerleigh Road, Yate (3 tons 6 cwt.).

Collins Transport Co., 2 Rudthorpe

Road, Bristol, have taken over a lorry (3 tons) from Messrs. J. R.. Parsons and R. J. Hardwick, 232 Fishponds Road, BrIstol.


Mr. J. Wood, 4 Oakwood Avenue, London, N.14, has been successful with tenders for another six lorries (16 tons). They made up list 10 units 6933 (Greenwich) one (3 tons); 6248 (Bow) one (3 tons); 6271 (Bethnal Green) two (6 tons); and 5100 (Stratford) two (4 tons).

Swanley Village unit 6871, comprising a lorry (3 tons), has gone to Matthews of }Unshorn, Ltd., !Unshorn, Sussex. It is their first purchase. Another first purchaser is Mr. A. C. Soames, la Northview, New Road, Rainham, Essex. He has bought three lorries (23 tons 11 cwt.). Another lorry (2 tons 11 cwt.) has been taken over by Mr. J. Regan, 118 Solebay Street, London, Ell.

The Metropolitan Licensing Authority has authorized the following assignments: Messrs. Mayes Garage, 41 Ash Road, London, E.15, four vehicles (12 tons 17 cwt.) to Mayes Transport. Ltd„ of the same address; Mr. W. E. Shelton, 290 Burdett Road, London, E.14, two (91 tons) to Mr. W. C. Woollen, 12 Ming Street, London, E.14; P. D. Sleeman, Ltd.' 38 Uxbridge Road, London, W.5„ one (8 tons 1 cwt.) to Kia-Ora Motor Engineering Co., Burleigh Road, St. Albans, Hens; Graham Adams, Ltd., Dickerage Lane, New Malden, a lorry (2 tons 12 cwt.) and a trailer to Douglas Duff, Ltd., 22 St, George's Road, London, S.W.19; Mr. R. J. Newton, 296 Kingston Road, Ewell, Surrey, a lorry (2 tons 16 cwt.) and a trailer to Mr. C. Field, 45 Grover Road, Oxhey, Watford, Herts, The South Eastern Licensing Authority has granted a special A licence to S. C. Willingham, Ltd., 124 Turkey Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, for eight lorries (231 tons). They were transferred by Mr. S. C. Willingham, of the same address.

Two lorries (6 tons) have gone to Mr. J. J. Bryanton, 52 Mattingley Green,

Basingstoke. A two-vehicle purchase (6 tons) has also been made by Messrs. W. Haselden and Son, 66 Cooling Road, Finsbury, Rochester, Richman Removals, Ltd., Duncan Road, Gillingham, have 'taken over another vehicle. It has an unladen weight of 31 tons.

An articulated outfit (51 tons) has been made over to Amey's Transport (Oxford), Ltd., Besselsleigh Road, Abingdon, by Amey's Aggregates, Ltd., Lower Wootton, Boar's Hill.

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