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8th July 1919, Page 15
8th July 1919
Page 15
Page 15, 8th July 1919 — TWO NEW WHITING-FEDERAL MODELS.
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The First Chassis of this Make to be Imported Since 1916.

TWO NEW WHITING-FEDERAL 1 chassis have just terealted this rountry, this make being handled by Whiting (1915), Ltd., of 334-340, Euston Road, London, N.W. They are the 2ton "U" type and the 31-ton "W' type, and we noticed, in going over the two chassis, a number of points in which they differ from. previous Federal models. The radiators are different and considerably better, the core being formed of gilled -Cubes and detachable. The tanks and sides are formed of rustproofed pressed steel, the water being 'circulated by a pump.

The engine is carried on threepoints, the forward end pivoting in the centre of a girder which crosses from one side member of the frame to the other over the engine. The gearbox has been wedesigned, being a separate unit slung amidships on the cress members of the frame and providing four forward speeds. The gear and brake levers are disposed centrally, the former operating in an imaginary gate.

The rear axle in each case is a Timken-Detroit, with worni drive the casing being in one piece formed of two heavy steel pressings welded together along a horizontal centre line. The worm gear is housed in a detaehable cover bolted to the upper side of the main housing. This axle is of the full floating type and looks a particularly sound job. The rear springing, again, fias been materially improved, both ends of the springs being shackled.; their length being 54 ins, in the case of the 2-termer,.

and 56 ins, in the case of the 3A-twiner. I-beam sectioned radius rods are provided, these being equipped. with spherical joints at their rear ends.

The engine in each case is a fourcylinder Continental, that of the 2-tonner being rated at 30 h.p., its cylinder dimensions being 4A ins. by 5A-ins., whilst the 3A-tomer is equipped with a 40 h.p. engine, the cylinder dimensions of which are 4ins. by 51 ins. The magneto in each case is an American Bosch and the carburetter a Zenith; a Monarch governor, entirely enclosed and very sensitive, acting upon the throttle valve is provided. The drive is taken through a single dry-plate asbestos-fabric friction ring clutch, and thence through a tubular shaft provided with two cross pin universal joints; to the gearbox, whence power is taken to the worm drive by a tubular propeller shaft also universally jointed at each end.

The frame of the 2-tonner is of pressed steel, channel section, 5A ins, deep at the centre and tapering at the front. It is amply stiffened by cross members. The frame of the'3A-tonner is of rolled channel section, 6 ins. deep. The respective heights from the kround are, for, the 2tonner 301 ins', at the front and 32 ins. at the rear, and for the 3P-ttener 33A ins. at the front and 341 ins, at, the rear.

The front axle is of I-beam construction, manufactured by theTimken-Detroit Co., irreversible worm and worm wheel steering gear being employed.

The brakes of both chassis seem. to be of ample dimensions. In each, case the brakes are duplex, expanding on to drums. on the rear wheels, the drum of the 2-tonner being 18 ins. in diameter by ins. wide, whilst that of the 30cainer is 3 ins, greater in diameter and * in. greater in width. Ample adjustment has been given to the brake connections.

Wheels of the artillery type, constructed of selected wood, are employed on lxth chassis. They are equippedwith 36 in. Firestone tyres, 4 ins, wide in the case of the 2-tonner, and 5 ins, in the ease of the3A-tonner, the rear tyres being dual.

The 2-ton model is constructed with a choice of four lengths of wheelbase, elz., 10 ft., 12 ft., 13 ft., and L4 ft., giving a loading space, respectively, of 7 ft. 4 ins., 9 ft. 4 ins., 11. ft. 4 ins. and 13 ft.

ins. The 3A-tanner is madewith a 13 ft. wheelbase, giving a body space behind the driver's seat of 11 It.

The carrying capacity is clearly indicated by the description of each chassis, and this capacity m based upon a body weighing not more than 7 cwt. in each case. The Federal is supplied by Messrs. Whitings as a chassis only, die prices being £785 for the 2-tonner, and £975 for the 3A -tonner.

The Federal has earned quite a good name in this country, as many of our readers using them will testify: With the improvements effected in. the details of the design as pointed out. ey us, we think that they may be relied upon to continue to give even greater satisfaction in the future than they have givefi in the past.


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