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On the left, the 7.5 tom On the right, the or at others try to equal.

8th August 1996, Page 4
8th August 1996
Page 4
Page 5
Page 4, 8th August 1996 — On the left, the 7.5 tom On the right, the or at others try to equal.
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at surpasses it.

The truck on the left is probably the finest six-cylinder 7.5 tonner in the land. As thousands of satisfied operators have discovered, over the years.

And on the right? The finest 7.5 tonner, full stop. The all-new, Euro 2 four-cylinder EcoPower 814. A truck that provides dramatic improvements over its class-leading predecessor. And a truck that makes rival 7.5 tonners look decidedly old-fashioned. To develop the new generation of fourcylinder engines for the EcoPower range, Mercedes-Benz engineers used proven, leading edge technology. Like electronic engine management, 3 valves per cylinder and individual, high pressure unit pumps for each cylinder's fuel injector. {Features you're unlikely to find on other medium trucks).

The results are astonishing. Fuel economy increased by up to 10%. You can cover remarkable 45,000km between ma. services. And the lighter four-cylinc engines also give a useful payload increa by up to 130kg.

The new EcoPower engines produce high torque than their predecessors and z matched to an all-new transmission, to ma e most of the four-cylinders performance aracteristics. So drivers will find they don't ed to downshift so much, either in traffic up hills.

st of all, the use of latest generation chnology means that the EcoPower 814 d 817 four-cylinder engines feel as smooth the six-cylinder engines they replace, hile lasting even longer. (And as owners of the previous 814 and 817 will testify, long, long time).

With all these changes under the could ask why the designers of the Ec 814 and 817 didn't make them look different from the outside, too. Mercedes, they have a philosophy: can improve, do. And if you can't well alone.


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