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In the Money

8th April 1949, Page 8
8th April 1949
Page 8
Page 8, 8th April 1949 — In the Money
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Clayton Detsandre Co., Ltd.,. reports a net Profit of £57,940 in 1948. A final dividend of s per cent, is to be paid, making 12 per dent. for the year.

Oswald Tillotson, Ltd., has received a further sum of £356,041 on account of the sale to. the British Transport Commission 'of its investments in' three transport concerns, L So far; £837,176 hat been paid, and a final distribution, which is not expected to be more than £150,000, is awaited.

Gandy, Ltd., made a net profit of £90,115 in 1948. Depreciation of plant, etc., accounted for £9,360. preference dividend 11,856, taxation 42,000, stock reserve £20,000, pensions £5.000, and writing down of investments £4.000. A dividend of 10 per cent. is being paid on the ordinary shares, and a balance of £25,315 is carried forward.

Crooville Motor Services, Ltd. announces that in the nine months ended December 31 last, after which the undertaking was transferred to the British Transport Commission, its net profit was £229,667, Fuel duty and road licences accounted for 1190,050, taxation £137,078: depreciation £75.334 and directors' fees £2,250. General reserve receives £150.001); and ' a balance of £218.839 is carried forward. Afinal dividend of 1 per cent, is to be paid, making 6 per cent. for the nine months, plus a special bonus of 3ki Per cent.. tax free.

'Rhondda Transport Co., Ltd., mode a net Profit of .£78,761 In 1948. A final dividend of 3 per cent, and a bonus of 5 per cent, are being paid. making 11 per cent., tax free, for the year.

• Goodyear Tyre and Robber Co. (Gt. Britain), Ltd., announces that, with other income, its trading profit for last year was £1,832,154. After deducting depreciation of £179,230; directors' emoluments of £26.243 and taxation of £768,041.

a net profit of £858,640 remained. Ordinary dividends for the year totalled 46 per cent.

Vauxhall Motors, Ltd.. made a trading profit of £3.060,178 and a net Profit of £957,781 in the year ended December 31 last. A sum of £492,595 was provided for depreciation, £231.850 was written off special tools. figs and dies, employees' profit-sharing fund received £64,804, employees' pension fund £311.140. and income and other taxes amounted to ii,000.500. A dividend of 20 per cent., less tax, is to be paid on the ordinary stock.

StalybrIdge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfileld Transport and Electricity Board made a profit, in the year ended March 31, 1948. of £6,238 on Its motorbus undertaking. The total revenue per bus-mile was 22.069d., compared with working expenses of 19.3584. The trolteybuses made a loss of £1,078, and worked at a cost of 22.831d. tier vehicle-mile. The total revenue Per vehic!e7 mile (inter-running) was 2L328d. 'The trams lost £1,723. The total revenue per car-mile of 21.3184.. compared with working expenses. including power cost, of 27.967d, per car-mile.


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