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Passing Comments

7th March 1947, Page 24
7th March 1947
Page 24
Page 25
Page 24, 7th March 1947 — Passing Comments
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American Research on THE effects of chromium Chromium-plated ' plating piston rings are Piston Rings. . . referred to in the January

issue of the " S.A.E. Journal." It points out that a compression ring in the top groove treated in this way doubles the life of the remaining rings on a piston. This is the experience of the Wright Aeronautical Corporation. With ordinary rings, scuffing material removed from one adheres to the cylinder wall and damages the other rings. Those in cast iron acquire feathered edges after long wear, which increase the oil consumption and the rate of wear on all rings. When chromiumplated, the feathering will not occur until the chromium has worn through. It was found that slightly rounding the edges before plating saved 10-15 per cent. of oil, compared with rings thus treated after plating, whilst the fatigue strength of steel rings when plated is lowered by 13 per cent. Porosity is an important factor. The greater this is, the quicker the ring will wear, also the cylinder wall. On the other hand, insufficient porosity will slow up the seating of the ring and allow excessive oil consump tion. If both rings and cylinder be plated, the chromium will rapidly be removed from each.

Russia Favours ProA CCORDING to "Soviet ducer Gas for Timber 4ThNews." Russia, unlike our Haulage selves. Sweden and certain

other European countries, still favours producer gas. In this connection, the Leningrad Forestry Academy has recently completed the design of a new charcoal-using producer suitable for motor lorries employed for the haulage of timber in the Russian forests. Another type of producer has been designed for the operation of mobile power stations. Preparations are also being made for the production of a new timber-haulage trailer capable of easily negotiating ditches, tree sturnPS and other obstacles, so greatly reducing the time occupied in this work.

Manufacturers Suggest THERE has been some Complete Revision of correspondence between the Civil Service . . . National Union of Manufac turers and the Prime Minister regarding the strength of the Civil Service and the Cabinet directive for its progressive reduction. In a further letter to Mr. Attlee, the Union has urged that mere numerical reductions are insufficient, and that there is a need for a complete revision of functions and methods. The object is to prevent the drain of man-power from industry to the Administration. The Cabinet suggested a reduction -of 5 per cent. • in March, followed by a similar one in October.

America and Britain TF1E President of the Board Exchange German 1 of Trade and the United Technical Documents States Secretary for Commerce

have announced, in a joint statement, general arrangements, complementary to those already in force, for the exchange of German technical information acquired by the two nations. Many thousands of important German scientific and technical documents have been uncovered by the investigators, and microfilm copies have been made. Representatives of each nation will be able to select from the other's storehouse items found valuable. In London, the main processing centre for such documents is the Board of Trade, German Division (Documents Unit), Lansdowne House.

Appreciation of R.H.A.

Sub-area Woman BLACKBURN operators are

"fortunate in having as secre "fortunate in having as secre tary of this sub-area of the tary of this sub-area of the

Secretary . . . R.H.A., Miss P. D. Bridge.

Since her appointment to this exacting and responsible position she has had many congratulations, a tribute coming from at least one Licensing Authority, also from Captain W. F. Strickland and the local chairman of the P.V.O.A. One of the first women to be selected for such a post, she had been coached for several years as assistant secretary both in the days of horsed and mechanical road transport, and has served for 21 )..ears under the same chief, Mr. J. Ainsworth.

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