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7th April 1933, Page 45
7th April 1933
Page 45
Page 46
Page 45, 7th April 1933 — MUNICIPAL PURCHASES and PROPOSALS
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CA313nawina, Borough Council is recommended to buy a Ransomes motor mower.

The City Council of GLOUCESTER recently sanctioned the purchase of a further six 32-seater buses.

, The highways committee of SUTTON GOLDFIELD Corporation recommends the purchase of a Karrier motor sweeper.

The watch committee of BIRKENHEAD Corporation has obtained sanction to borrow £1,100 to purchase a fire-engine.

The parks committee of Sours-roar Corporation has authorized the purchase of two motor mowers, one costing £157 and the other £58.

SUTTON COLDWIELD Corporation's electrical engineer is to report on the cost of the provision of a mechanically propelled tower wagon.

The motorbus committee Of EASTBOURNE Corporation has deferred until the autumn the question of replacing five open-top double-deck buses.

The mental hospital committee of Hurl, Corporation has accepted the tender of Mr. T. C. Massey for the supply of a 'Marshall oil-engined tractor.

Gordon's Motor Car Works is supplying Hum. Corporation with a Ford 2-ton chassis, and Bromilow and Edwards, Ltd., is providing a steel tipping body.

The cleansing committee of Bra.xFsyrnin Corporation recommends that a Morris-Commercial chassis should be purchased from Coventry Motors, Birkenhead.

The parks committee og SALFORD Corporation recommends the acceptance of the tender of H. and J. Quick, Ltd., for the supply of a Fordson 3-ton tractor and a Pattison tractor.

The watch committee of SOUTHPORT Corporation recommends that a new police ambulance be purchased at an estimated cost of £450 and a utility van at £225, but the finance committee recommends that the purchase of the ambulance be deferred.

EDINBURGH Fire Brigade requires tenders for the supply of a six-cylinder 90-b.h.p. turbine saloon fire-engine of 500-600-gallons capacity. Further particulars can be obtained from the Firemaster, Central Fire Station, Edinburgh, and tenders have to be delivered by April 15. W. Harold Perry, Ltd., is supplying a Ford lorry to FINCHLEY Urban District Council.

The highwayscommittee of Yonx Corporation is to obtain tenders for the supply of a lorry.

The health committee of WORKINGTON Corporation is inviting tenders for the supply of an ambulance.

GLA.snow Corporation is buying an Electricar vehicle of special construction for market refuse collection.

The health committee of LEEDS Corporation has decided to invite tenders for the supply of an ambulance.

The highways committee of FINCHLEY Urban District Council is to obtain tenders for the supply of a Ford 30-cwt. tipping lorry.

The parks committee of NORTHAMPTON Corporation has authorized the parks superintendent to proceed with the purchase of a motor,roller.

The health committee of RIANCHESTER. Corporation has accepted the tender of Pierces Garage, Abergele, for the supply of a Morris-Commercial lorry.

The health committee of BARKING Corporation has directed the borough engineer to report as to the desirability of purchasing a new ambulance.

The fire-brigade committee of PRIEEN BARNET Urban District Council recommends making provision in estimates for the purchase of a new motor pump.

LEEDS Corporation, is purchasing from Mr. W. Annison Bull two Waboy tractors and a set of Ransomes quintuple mowers, and from Thomas Green and Son, Ltd , an A.T. tractor and a set of Green's quintuple mowers.

PRIEBE BARNET Urban District Council is to make provision in estimates for the purchase of a lorry at an estimated cost not exceeding £300, and an additional refuse-collection vehicle, which is made imperative by the development of the district.

The latest acquisition of EDINBURGH City Police is a Talbot six-cylinder ambulance, which can be converted into a patrol wagon. As an ambulance it has accommodation for two stretcher cases and four sitting patients ; when converted it will carry 10 people. Municipal Merger in Lancashire.

As from the beginning of this month, the transport services of Burnley, Nelson and Come are being _controlled by a joint transport committee, Mr. C. H. Stafford, general manager of Burnley Corporation passenger-transport system, being the manager of the joint undertaking. Mr. Robert Whalley, the traffic superintendent at Nelson, is the area superintendent for the new ,authority, whilst Mr. A. Blacow, the chief assistant and rolling-stock superintendent of Colne tramways, is the assistant engineer in charge of the bus department of _the combined authorities.

Heavy Traffic on North Riding Roads.

Mr. T. Knight, an inspector of the Ministry of Transport, held an inquiry,• a few days ago, into the application by North Riding County Council for an Order prohibiting heavy traffic from using certain roads in Hudswell parish. During the course of the proceedings mention was made of the effect of War Department traffic on certain roads near Catterick.

Mr. E. Rickards, assistant solicitor to the county council, said that the roads concerned in the application were accommodation thoroughfares to allotments and, for that reason, were not made„,up to first-class standard, and that, if they were to be given further attention and maintained, the ratepayers would be put to much expense. The cost was stated to be over £8,000.

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