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6th November 1923
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Page 25, 6th November 1923 — A NEW 20-25-CWT. CHASSIS.
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Speed and Economy Features of the New Model Republic.

ALARGE number of Republic vehicles is in service in this country, and they have created a very favourable impression by their lasting qualities. The coneessionnaires, Republic Trucks Sales and Service, of Peterborough Road, Fulham, London, S.W. 6, have just obtained delivery of the new Speed model, which is designed to carry loads of from 20-25 cwt.

This differs in many points from its predecessor, the 1-ton model. For instance, the four-cylindered engine has a bore of 31. ins. and 5 ins, in lieu of the original 34 ins. and 5 ins. It is a. Lycoming C.T. type with the valves at one side, detachable heads and a fivebearing crankshaft. It, is equipped with a dynamo and starting motor of Autolite make, and has direct drive for the dynamo from the timing gears. Carburation is attended to by a Stroraberg instrument; this has pilot and main jets, both of which are variable by means of screwed needles, and there is a Isombined manifold for the inlet and exhaust which gives a hot-spot effect. A particular feature is the use of a dry-air cleaner. This embodies two fans, rotated by the incoming air, and contained in a small housing with a coarse wire-gauze top. The air passes through this gauze on to the plates of the upper fan, is deflected out from these, and then passes up into a central chamber containing the second fan, which is much smaller.

The engine lubricant is circulated by a pinion-type oil pump, which forces it to the main and big-ends through a drilled crankshaft. There is a. special arrangement by which the throttle, when opened, controls the relief valve and gives a higher oil pressure through-. out the system, and that this is the case

proved by the oil gauge on the ,dash. The petrol supply is contained, in a 14-gallon ,tank under the driver's seat, and passed through a •Steivait Autovae.

The magneto is _driven in rather a. curious :fashion by two _leather segments. This method 'allows -a certain amount of movement endwise without throwing stresses on the magneto arina

tare. Incidentally, this instrument is an American Bosch controlled from the steering column.

The drive from the engine is taken through a multiple dry-disc clutch, comprising 11 plates, with woven asbestos friction material, to a three-point suspended gearbox with centre ball change, and giving three speeds and a reverse. This gearbox forms a unit with the engine, and provision is made on it for the fitting of a tyre pump.

On the third shaft, and carried on the casing of the forward universal joint, is a toothed ring for driving the Stewart speedometer. Spicer joints are utilized on the one-piece cardan shaft., which is tubular, and leads to a Turbensen dual-type axle with a separate vertiCab banjo load-carrying member and internal gear final drive. The Powrlok differential used in the previous models has been displaced by one of more conventional type.

Both brakes operate on the rear wheels, the foot brake being by external-contracting bands and the band brake by internal-expanding shoes.

The equipment includes a spare rim and carrier, which can be fitted in any convenient, position, a dimmer for the electric headlamps and a complete set of tools, Ithe chassis price . being 375. The_ Makers' guarantee a maximum speed of 35 ni.p..11. The al:lenge per gallon has proved to be 18 with the vehicle loaded, and 1,000 m.p.g. are easily obtained on oil. The system of lubrication throughout the chassis, other than in the engine, is by high-pressure grease gun.

We had a run of several miles on a bare chassis, and the contention of high speed was fully upheld, and, although the vehicle was unladen, the riding on its 33-in. by 5-in. Firestone single cord pneumatics was excellent.

We would point out that the comessionnaires make a speciality of repairs and the provision of spares.


Locations: London

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