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5th September 1996
Page 14
Page 14, 5th September 1996 — EURO NEWS
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* Hauliers driving through Belgium are advised to take the R14/E17 or E41 1/R1 and E1 9/A1 to avoid nine months of roadworks on the RO Brussels motorway between Goort-BijgaarcIen and Zellik. East-west/westeast drivers are being advised to take the E42/A15 and E42/A16 or the E40/A3 and El 9/A1 .

* Austria will replace its manual system for registering ECO points on transit routes with an electronic system on I January 1998. Both systems will run side by side from 1 January 1997.

* France has clarified its vehicle towing rules, saying that non-specialised vehicles can tow broken down vehicles provided they stay below 25km/h, have rear signalling, and are less than 22m long and 3m wide.

• LitIlL,GT.K.: is introducing a

series of new customs stamps before 10 October. Euro-I goods movements will be stamped with a diamond and other designs based on the custom office's location.

* Romania. LGVs are now banned from six roads at weekends and on public holidays—the Al Bucharest highway, the E60, E70, E81, E85 and E86. Live animal and perishable product loads can be exempted with a special licence.

* Hungary. An outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the Balkans means the Hungarian authorities are insisting all vehicles entering from Romania must be disinfected. The Artland and Nadlak crossing points have disinfecting equipment; Gyula does not.


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