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Rockwell anti-skid levice for Europe

4th October 1974, Page 24
4th October 1974
Page 24
Page 24, 4th October 1974 — Rockwell anti-skid levice for Europe
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KID-TROL, t he

,merican-designed heavy .uck anti-skid system, is to e marketed in the UK and urope from the Waiverampton base of the .ockwell-Standard Group. ,nd at the moment it is egotiating with prominent :hide manufacturers about te possibility of fitting the /stem as original equiplent.

The system, which fits on to vehicle 'axles and monitors the speed of each wheel, consists of four main parts, a wheel-speed sensor, sensor module and slotted rotor. These fit into the wheel and the Skid-Trol valve is located near the axle.

As braking occurs information about wheel speed is fed to the Skid-Trol valve electronic logic circuit, which reduces brake-line air pressure when a wheel-lock condition is recognized as imminent. Pressure in the line is brought down to just below that at which wheel locking occurs.

To conserve air pressure the valve proportions airpressure rather than switching it alternatively fully on, and off, and the valve replaces existing quickrelease or relay valves. Electrical power for the equipment is tapped either from a stoplight circuit in the case of trailers or from the stoplight or continual power circuits on prime movers or rigids.

A fail-safe feature is incorporated in the equipment and in the event of a system failure, vehicle braking reverts to normal and an in-cab warning device sounds to inform the driver.

For easier maintenance, the electronic module and wheel speed sensors are replaced as units and the Skid-Trol valve can either be replaced or reconditioned.


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