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One Hears

4th November 1939
Page 23
Page 23, 4th November 1939 — One Hears
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

That now we know why some coaches are unwelcome at inns—they may have tyres that do not whine.

That would-be bus passengers at peak hours might sing. We're always on the outside, on the outside looking in."

The suggestion that those pernickety officials at the Paddington fuel-control office should wear gloves themselves.

That this would have a double advantage—it would keep their hands clean and hamper them in the tying of red tape.

That in rural districts where there is no refuse'collection there is a terrible wastage of metal through the discarding of empty food tins.

That arrangements are being made to allow fog lights in misty weather.

That Miss Wilkinson, M.P., showed her spirit by asking for better pool petrol.

That Sir G. Jones, M.P., believes that the W.O. is overpaying for hired lorries.

That S.T.R. would like to learn of his authority for such a view.

That Scottish operators with large delivery areas are badly hit by fuel restrictions.

That an application to buy pig iron was passed from the appropriate office to the Pig Marketing Board.

That the payment made for taxicabs used by the A.F.S. and for other war work is lel 17s. 6d. per vehicle per week.

That the joint C.M.U.A.-A.R.O. meeting in Manchester, on wages and conditions, has prompted an obvious quotation about the lion and the lamb lying down together.

That " standing shoulder to shoulder " would have been more apt, as no discreet man would say which was Leo and which was Agnusl That the emergency lighting of the p.s.v. should be standardized.

That Capt. Wallace has not heard that fuel rationing has hampered business.

That in this case one hears not but many others do.

That high cost stands in the way of synthetic rubber developments in America.


Organisations: Pig Marketing Board
People: Wallace, G. Jones
Locations: Manchester

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