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Operating Aspects o

4th February 1938
Page 31
Page 31, 4th February 1938 — Operating Aspects o
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Passenger Transport


STATING that no good purpose would be served • by a conference, the S.M.T. has notified the Scottish Vehicle Building Employers Association that the sales and service department for private vehicles, in Edinburgh, will be conducted as a nonunion establishment. The circumstances, it is stated, are beyond the control of the S.M.T. The directors are .determined to maintain their nonnaion policy so far as the Fountainbridge depot is concerned..

As a protest against the employment of a non-unionist, the members of the Vehicle 'Builders Union came out on strike over 30 weeks ago.


THE question of bus halts in Perth, raised recently by the Northern Scotland Traffic Commissioners was considered by the magistrates last week. The point raised by Mr. Riches, chairman, was that the bus halts in the city had never been legalized, because no application had been made to the Commissioners.

Discussing the question of drawing up a list of stops for submission to the Commissioners, the magistrates decided to leave. the matter inthe hands of the town clerk and Lord Provost Nimmo.


BETWEEN 3,000 and 4,000 men will be affected by the decision of Ribble Motor Services, Ltd., to supply all its drivers and conductors with free uniforms. Drivers and conductors will have similar types of uniform, with caps, tunics and trousers. A silverplated eagle on each lapel, and silver-plated buttons will decorate the dark-coloured tunics.

Previously this company has supplied winter great-coats and light, washable summer coats to its road staffs. It is understbod,. however, that although overcoats will continue to he distributed, the use of summer coats will in future be discontinued. "ALTHOUGH the purchase price is high, having regard to all the facts of the case, the finance committee is of opinion that the purchase of the service should be approved.This is the verdict on the proposal of. Manchester Corporation's Passenger Transport Committee to purchase the bus Service of A. Mayne and Sons, Ltd., for £51,000.

According to a report presented to Manchester Corporation, Mayne's fares are ,slightly higher than the municipal tram fares, but notwithstanding this, the company's service is steadily increasing. On different occasions it had applied for extensions of the service, and whilst the corporation opposed, the company has been able to obtain permission for development.

In 1935 the revenue of the company was £11,280, but since then the revenue had gone up and its receipts were now over 16d. per mile.

The company's service is the only privately operated one running in the Manchester area, all• other services having been bought by the corporation.

The fleet owned by Mayne's consists of four A.E.C. 62-seater double-deckers, one A.EC. 32-seater single-decker, and one Albion 20-seater single-deck vehicle. An A.E.C. 58-seater doubledecker is in course of construction.

Based on the figure of 16.875d. per mile the annual revenue would amount to £14,800. The proposed purchase price of £51,000 is, therefore, equal to 4i years purchase of the gross receipts for 1935 and to nearly 3 years purchase if the higher figure of £14,800 gross receipts be taken.

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