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Passing Comments

4th February 1938
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Page 2, 4th February 1938 — Passing Comments
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Third a Road on Old cOMETHING like a record in U.S.A. Rai I way. is the length of road carried

Bridges over bridges will be achieved when the 33-mile highway in Florida, U.S.A., between Key West and the mainland is completed. The bridges and road bed of the former Florida East Coast Railway are being utilized. This railway has not been in. service since 1935, when it was damaged by a hurricane. The road will include about 13 miles of bridges. On the bridges the concrete road will be 20 ft. wide, elsewhere the width will be 21 ft., and will consist of surface-treated macadam.

Large Amounts of TRADE and industry benefit Materials Bought for I to an enormous extent

Motor Production. through the development of

the motor vehicle, and it would be extremely difficult to compute the indirect employment which it gives. As examples, concerning the Ford products alone, during 1937 nearly 600,000 yds, of special cloth, cotton and similar materials were• purchased, Lancashire and Yorkshire providing the whole. In the saute period British mines supplied the company with 350,000 tons of coal of various grades. Other essential materials were bought in corresponding quantities.

Road Safety Improved IN Istanbul, Turkey, the by Fines for Danger'authorities have introduced ous Walking. . . fines for jay-walking; the lowest is 3s. Gd. It is stated that between 50. and 100 are collected daily. Since the institution of this measure, the number of accidents has decreased out of all proportion and the flow of traffic greatly improved. Incidentally, a pedestrian can also be fined for not walking on the correct side of the pavement.

Engineers to Notify Public of Their Valuable Work. . So much of the well-being of 1-/this country depends upon the work carried out by engineers in their many fields

• of activity that, at last, this somewhat retiring profession has decided to make available to the public more information regarding its achievements. At the instigation of the Institution of Civil Engineers, it was arranged to form an Engineering Public Relations Committee, which met for the first time last April. This represents 14 appropriate institutions and bodies, the first chairman being Sir Clement Flindley, K.C.I.E., with Lie.ut.-Col. F. H. Budden, M.C., as public relations officer and secretary. An executive committee has been formed, and this has drawn up a preliminary programme of lectures for schools and colleges, exhibitions, and co-operation with the Press, B.B.C., news reel film companies, etc.

AN automatic signal to following traffic, that operates when the driver begins to think about putting on his brake, has been devised and provisionally patented . by a reader. His scheme is simply to connect a warning light, at the rear of the vehicle, with the ignition circuit, tapping this on the coil side of the pilot light, and including in this line a switch closed by the accelerator pedal when this is released. There is also a double switch actuated by the brake pedal. When the brake is bff and the accelerator released current can flow to the warning light, whilst application of the brake directs it to the usual stoplight, breaking the other circuit. The Idea is certainly ingenious and eliminates the half-second lag, during which II ft. may be traversed, that has formed the basis of criticism often levelled at purely brakecontrolled signals.

A Reader's Ingenious Contribution to Road Safety

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