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White Lorries Again to be Marketed Here

4th February 1938
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Page 15, 4th February 1938 — White Lorries Again to be Marketed Here
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Three Goods Models from 5-8tons Pay-load Capacity to Form Nucleus of Range to be Handled by London Distributor CANINGthe considerable throng of J transatlantic Makes of commercial vehicle on sale in this country, the White is shortly to reappear on the British market. Its maker, the White Motor Co., Cleveland, Ohio, which is one of the leading American commercial-yebicle manufacturers, is resuming activities here, after a long absence, the sole distributor for Great Britain and Ireland being White Distributors (Great Britain), Ltd., 74a, Regent Street, London, W.1.

• We understand that three goods models, to begin with, will he offered —a 5-tonner, a 6-termer and an 8-tonner, all being adapted for service in Great Britain and complying with British regulations. The 5 and 6-tonners will each be available with three wheelbases, 119 ins., 137 ins. and 155 ins., whilst the largest machine will be offered in wheelbase lengths of 136 ins., 118 ins. and 196 ins.

To power the lirst-namod, there is a six-cylindeted engine with bore and stroke dimension of 3f ins. and 41 ins., giving a displacement of 221 cubic ins. It exerts a torque of 145 lb.-ft. at • 1,000 r.p.m., which is transmitted through an 11-in, clutch and four-speed gearbox to a spiral-bevel fully floatingtype banjo one-piece axle, with a finaldrive ratio of 6.8 to 1. Goodyear $2 by 6 heavy-duty tyres are standardized, twins on the rear.

The brakes are hydraulically operated through the medium of a vacuum-servo motor and the hand lever applies shoes on the rear wheels, not on a transmission brake, which is usual in the U.S.A. A Pressed-steel, heat-treated channelsection frame, with maximum section

of 7 ins. by 2-S4 ins, by in, is employed.

With forward control, the three 5-ton chassis afford body. spaces, measured from the back of the• cab to the end of the frame, of 132 ins., 162 ins. and 102 ins. ; their weights range from about 34 cwt. to 35 cwt., and the prices are £465, 2478 and 2401. •

Installed in the 6-tormet is a somewhat larger engine, the dimensions of the six cylinders, in this case, being 3-1•76• ins. by 4i ins., giving a piston sWept volume of 250 cubic ins. Its maximum output is 68 b.h.p. at 2,000 r.p.m,, and its torque 175 lb.-ft. at MO r. p.m. to 1,400 r.p.m. The unit weighs S50 lb.

The transmission is similar to that of the small model, as is tyre equipment, and the frame construction and dimensions. The chassis weights are naturally higher, ranging from about 58 cwt. to 49 cwt., and the prices £507, £610 and £623 for the three wheelbase lengths, respectively. These machines are -of the forward-control type.

A 318-cubic-in, engine, with bore and Stroke dimensions of 3i ins. by 4,l; ins., is standardized in the 8-tonner. Again six cylinders .are employed, and features it shares with the 6-tonner unit am a counterweighted seven-bearing electrically surface-hardened crankshaft, Stellite-faced valves and inserted exhaust-valve seats.

On this model there is a five-speed gearbox, top gear being an overdrive, whilst the axle follows the design of that of the smaller machines, but affords a ratio of 6.29 to 1. With regard to the tyres, the normal equipment is 8.25-20 Goodyears. Hydraulic vacuum brakes are standardized, air brakes being available if specified, at extra cost. A transmission parking brake is operated by the hand lever.

Of similar construction. but with reinforced channels, the frame incorporates side members with a maximum

section of 7,A ins. by 3 ins, by in., whilst the body-space figures for the three wheelbases given earlier are, respectively, 104i ins., 182i ins. and 21.81 Ms..; the chassis weights from 53-i• cwt. to 57 cwt. and the price in all three cases 2034.


Locations: Cleveland, London

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