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Lengthening Tyre Life

4th February 1930
Page 74
Page 74, 4th February 1930 — Lengthening Tyre Life
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EVERY year tyre manufacturers expend a great deal of effort in endeavouring to persuade vehicle users to give to tyres that measure of attention which they deserve. It is beyond dispute that regular and proper care prevents premature depreciation, and in this way expenditure can be appreciably curtailed. For example, if tyres be run at, say, 20 per cent, below the normal pressure, the life of the tyres will be reduced by about one-fifth.

Vehicle users do not always have the time to devote to tyre maintenance, and their drivers are often fully employed on the road. To meet the need for skilled attention at regular intervals and at an economical cost, a concern has been organized under the title Ototnatic Home Service (London), Ltd., the controlling organization of which is Ubiquitous Services, Ltd.' 1, Baker Street, Portman Square, London, W.1.

Fortnightly Inspection.

In brief, the service consists of a fortnightly inspection of the tyres of a vehicle, pressures being checked, cuts filled, and gashes from in. to 8 ins. are vulcanized free of charge. When the first subscription is paid the tubes n48 are treated with the Otomatic puncture-preventing medium, which consists of mica, cork, rubber and diluted formalin, the weight of the quantity used for each tube being in the neighbourhood of 1 lb.

This material is guaranteed to seal all punctures up to I in. in diameter. In the course of a short demonstration run, with a tube punctured by a 1k-in. square nail of approximately fin, maximum thickness, we found that the puncture-sealing material functioned correctly and at once sealed the hole.

The Range Dealt With.

All tyres from 24 ins. by 2 ins, up to 40 ins. by 8 ins. are catered for by the service, the fees varying pro rata from 12s. eal. per wheel for the first year up to 41 15s. per wheel in the case of the largest size named. In the second year of membership of the con

cern the subscription is halved. The tyres are grouped according to size : " small buses " are vehicles with tyres of 32 ins. by 6 ins. or 36 ins. by 6 ins„ medium-sized vehicles are those with 39-in. by 7-in. covers, whilst tyres of larger section are grouped in the category of "large buses."

The three subscriptions for the classes named (in the first year only) are, respectively, £5 15s., 47 and £8 lie. 3d. Tyres are not supplied by the concern, each member providing hist own tyres and tubes.

Fully Qualified Inspectors.

The uniformed officials of the company call fortnightly at the address registered and do the work on the spot. These men, we understand, are given three months' training before they commence work. The service is given under a guarantee.

A special comprehensive insurance policy is available for vehicles; it is offered only to members of the scheme. A 25 per cent. no-claim bonus is included, and cars used for business purposes can be insured.

Naturally, the service relates only to pneumatic tyres, and in cases where the wheels are fitted with different sized covers the subscription is calculated according to a sliding scale. Branches have been established in many parts of the country, including -Glasgow, Belfast, Cork, Drogheda, Dublin and, of course, in the principal towns throughout England and Wales.


Locations: Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, London

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