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A Coaching Concern's Profit.

4th February 1930
Page 48
Page 48, 4th February 1930 — A Coaching Concern's Profit.
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The report of Chapman and Sons (Eastbourne), Ltd. the well-known coaching concern Of Eastbourne, for the year 1929 reveals a profit of £9,400, as against £9,117 in the previous year. A sum of £4,500 is-being carried to a special reserve for depreciation and obsolescence, and a dividend of 71 per cent, is to be paid, as against 10 per cent. in the previous year. A sum of 1375 remains to be carried forward, as against 13,297 in 1928.

Sunderland Bus Co.'s Results.

A profit of £21,606 is shown in the annual report of the Sunderland and District Omnibus Co., Ltd., for the year ended October 31st last, as compared with £9,858 in the previous year. The directors recommend a dividend of 10 per cent. and the placing of £14,000 to reserve for fleet renewals.

Sheep-carrying Lorries for the L.M.S.

We Publish on this page two illustrations of an Albion sheep float supplied to the London, Midland and Scottish Railway Co., this being one of a number which is being constructed for cattle carrying. The basis of the vehicle is the Albion 35-55 h.p. 5-ton chassis and the body is of the Stewart patent type, having a loose floor which is designed to be raised by winch-and cable gearing.

In one of the pictures the tailboard is shown in the lowered position. It is let down by means of a small winch and it should be noted that it is folded in two sections, although, owing to its rigid construction, no supports are required below it when cattle are being loaded or unloaded. So that the possibility of cattle stepping over the sides is overcome, two side flaps are brought into usq, these normally being folded on the underside of the tailboard. When the upper floor is raised to its maximum height, it can be locked into position by six bolts, which are operated (three at a time) by a rotating bar on each side of the vehicle. .

Partitions are provided to separate the animals into sections and thus prevent "surging." This type of sheep float is capable of carrying 100 animals. The first speeimen is now in operation in Lanark.

G.W.R. Container Progress., In a review of the past year the Goods Department of the Great Western Railway Co. reports that 230 additional road-rail containers have been constructed, besides which a further 100 of a special type have been acquired for carrying such commodities as bricks, tiles, etc., bringing the total number of containers available to 580.

Tractors in the Irish Free State.

The official returns just to hand show that the value of tractor parts imported during the 11 months ended November last into the Irish Free State amounted to £716,423. During the same period the exports of tractors and parts from the Free Stateattained a value of £1,516.762. Official Orders for December.

Only. a limited number of orders for motor_ vehicles was, during December last, given out by Government departments. The War Department divided one for a number of six-wheeled vehicles between Morris-Commercial Cars, Ltd., Crossley Motors, Ltd., and the Lan chester Motor Co., Ltd. The special order to the last-naraed concern is men tioned elsewhere in this issue. The Admiralty placed an order for tractors with Greenwood and Batley, Ltd., and the Air Ministry issued one for bodies for Crossley vehicles to Charles Roberts and Co., Ltd.

New By-pass Approved.

Herts County Council has been notified by the Ministry of Transport of its approval of they new by-pass road in the area of East Barnet Urban District Council. It is intended that the new road shall offer relief to the Great North Road, which passes through Barnet.

Discarding Trams in Newport..

Several new buses will shortly be purchased by the Newport (Mon.) Town Council. These vehicles are required as temporary means for transport on the Town Centre-Chepstow Road boundary route, in view of the discarding of trams on this service. It was the intention of the Newport authorities to replace the tramways by a system of trolley-buses. Some alteration of plan is now, however, probable. Owing to local conditions, the tramways committee has reconsidered the question of employing trolley-buses and it is understood that motorbuses are to be used instead.

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