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Sentinel Dividends.

4th February 1930
Page 47
Page 47, 4th February 1930 — Sentinel Dividends.
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The directors of the Sentinel Waggon Works, Ltd., have decided to recommend the payment of a dividend of Ti per cent, per annum, less tax, plus 1 per cent. (participating rights)., less tax, on the preference shares of the company in respect of the year 1929. The company further proposes paying Ti per cent., less tax, on the ordinary shares.

Transporting Locomotives by the 100-tonner.

A picture which we reproduce on this page is of outstanding intere-st because it indicates the remarkable capabilities of the Seminal 100-ton vehicle, which, it will be remembered, was fully described in our issue dated November 32th last. The outfit is shown undertaking the transport of one of 14 locomotives which have been built by the Vulcan Foundry, Ltd., for supply to the North-west Railway, of India, and the locomotive is shown leaving the works on the way to Gladstone Dock, Liverpool, for shipment overseas.

This is the first time that engines of this size have been brought complete to the quayside for dispatch, a special railway having been laid out at the Gladstone Dock as th;s type of engine is built with a wider gauge than the existing permanent way. Upon arrival at the docks the locomotive is run off the lorry on to the special track, which forms a siding, to within 10 ft. of the edge of the quay where the ship is berthed. Each locomotive and tender weighs 82 tons.

Darlington Trolley-bus Returns.

During the nine months ended December last, 7,619,409 passengers were carried on the trolley-buses of Darlington Corporation, the revenue in this period being £39,400, an increase of £1,027 over the corresponding period of the previous year.

Opposition to Stockton Bus Rill.

Consideration has been given by the West Hartlepool municipal authorities to the new Bill which Stockton Corporation is promoting with a view to securing powers to run additional bus services in and outside that town. It was stated that on certain routes, one of which was from Seaton Carew to the Tees Road, the West Hartlepool Corporation services would be adversely affected, and it was decided to oppose the Bill. It was, however, made clear that rue' decision is only a safeguard for the West Hartlepool transport undertaking, and the corporation is not blindly opposing the Stockton measure. If it be possible to reach an amicable settlement, it will be done.

Albions for Fuel Transport.

The Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., Scotstoun, Glasgow, has just received from the Anglo-Persian Oil Co., Ltd., an order for a fleet of 30 4-ton vehicles, most of which will, we are told, be used in this country. This follows an order which the company recently received from the same source for a number of 24-ton and 3-ton vehicles for use in the oilfields in Persia.

New Headquarters for the Western National.

Builders and contractors are being invited to tender for the erection of an extensive new garage, offices,stores, workshop, etc., which are to be built for the Western National Omnibus Co.,

Ltd., at Laira Bridge Road, Plince Rock, Plymouth, to the design of Mr. Lionel P. Vanstone, L.R.I.B.A.

The principal feature of the structure will be the clear space provided for parking, there being an area of 150 ft. long by 250 ft. wide, entirely without columns, giving standing room for over 100 buses. The equipment of the garage will be of the most modern description, including a highly efficient washing machine, and there will be upto-date appliances for the expeditious handling of repairs. The machine shops, body and chassis-repair shops, painting and varnishing rooms will be grouped together in a separate building adjoining the garage.

Overseas Orders for A.E.C.s.

A number of overseas orders has recently been received by the Associated Equipment Co., Ltd. Agar, Cross and Co., Ltd., has indented for a Regal single-decker bus and 30 4-ton chassis of the overseas pattern, the company's Australian branch has ordered 15 five-tonners and four four-tonners, and a five-tanner is being built for Walford Transport, Ltd. 1.1,700 Vehicles in 12 Hours.

During a recent 12-day stretch, 17,702 vehicles, representing 39,000 tons, exclusive of loads carried, passed Salford Town Hall. It is the view of the chief constable of Salford that if this weight can be kept moving, compatible with public safety, wear and tear of the road surface is lessened. Secondary streets are being mapped out, with the idea of diverting traffic from the main roads. '

Splendid Climb by a Morris-Commercial Lorry.

A few days ago a Morris-Commercial '30-cwt. lorry, carrying a, full load, successfully climbed the Prestatyn Hill, a feat which has never before been performed under official observation by a British motor lorry. This hill has an altitude of over 600 ft., and, about a mile from the coast, rises steeply, with a gradient of 1 in 3. Part of the ascent was made in second gear. Later on', the driver changed into bottom gear and to the end of the trip the lorry purred -healthily up the hill. The trial was organized by the Liverpool agents for Morris-Commercial vehicles, in conjunction with the Grosvenor Motor Co., of Rhyl.

Guy Progress in South Africa.

Guy Motors (S.A.), Ltd., has opened a new depot at 59, Mooi Street, Johannesburg, from which complete service in connection with Guy and Star vehicles will be given.

Oxford's £94,000 Road Scheme.

The highways committee of Oxford Corporation has considered three schemes for an approach road, involving a bridge over the river. The committee recommends a plan for a road leaving the Abingdon Road, near the corner at Cold Harbour, to join the road from Utley Turn to Iffiey at the top of Meadow Lane. The cost would be about £94,000, towards which the Ministry would probably make a grant equivalent to 60 per cent., so `hat the cost to the city should not exceed £40,000. The road would .form a definite link in the communications around .the city.

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