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Is Clarkson of some use after all?

4th August 2011, Page 11
4th August 2011
Page 11
Page 11, 4th August 2011 — Is Clarkson of some use after all?
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Has Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson inadvertently solved the UK road transport industry’s carbon emissions problem?

On last weekend’s programme, he and James May tested a couple of electric cars – the Toyota Leaf and Peugeot Ion. Of course, they ran out of juice and were ‘forced’ to spend 12 hours in Lincoln while they recharged their motors.

Ever resourceful, Clarkson hit on a solution when he and May were playing on the dodgems – run electrified chicken wire above all the motorways and A-roads to power electric cars via poles (not Europeans). In one fanciful step, a workable solution to the freight industry’s problem of how to run long distances without diesel, as lorries could also use the overhead grid.


Locations: Lincoln

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