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One Hears—

4th April 1912, Page 3
4th April 1912
Page 3
Page 3, 4th April 1912 — One Hears—
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Of considerable demand for salesmen of unimp2achable credentials.

That a London company is being promoted for the hiring-out of motor trade carriers.

That a steam wagon and trailer, laden with mineral waters en route to Epsom, weighed 20 tons gross.

That few speedometer makers will definitely guarantee the reliability of their own instruments.

That the L.G.O. buses on the new service to Croydon were driven with exemplary care last Sunday.

That the Halley vehicles in ruby-mine service in Burmah are fitted with Stevenson's " Faransure " tires.

That Scotland wants to have something to say about a commercial-motor show, as well as Manchester.

That a. number of new arrangements in connection u-ith the recent reconstruction of the General Motor Cab Co., Ltd., came into force on Monday last.

That the Hon. Arthur Stanley, M.P., has been elected President of the Lancashire and Cheshire section of the Roads Improvement Association.

That the " Shell " Transport people have got their eyes on Canvey Island as a means of strengthening their supply and storage resources for the Metropolitan area.

Of first-class passages round the world booked for several over-worked partners in commercial-motor houses which have been making good the lean years of 1005-1908.

That people who buy pneumatic-tired vans complete for any sum below or in the neighbourhood of £200 can only expect the consequences of overloading to be accentuated.

That Penwortham Bridge over the Ribble, by which it is alone possible to enter Preston from the west, is to be rebuilt by the Lancashire County Council, and greatly widened.

That many inquirers to manufacturers for commercial vehicles, at the present time, imagine that machines can be "taken off the shelf and sold over the counter," hi view of strike emergencies.

That anybody who buys half a dozen or more motorbuses and plants them down in an average provincial town can work the vehicles at a cost of 0?.id. per mile " all in," and generally earn above is. per mile.

That two Britiah manufacturers were smart enough to begin to build to suit War office ideas withoutwasting time over parleyings, that. they have hit it off pretty closely in consequence, and that they are next door to ready to take more orders.

That, whilst the normal condition of some of the vehicles which are entered for the 0.1VI.U.A. parade would compare favourably with brand-new models that have been specially prepared for the show stands. there are a few others which would disgrace a sludge hopper. That the Leeds trqlleybuses run en Midland tires.

That the British Co.'s taxicab men are not quite settled yet.

That National (Clarkson) steam omnibus shares are changing hands at 24s.

Of very few drivers of motorbuses or motorvans who suffer from nervous breakdown.

That the White Co., at its Manchester depot, offering lorries for immediate delivery, in view of strike upsets. is That the wider use of commercial motors in London will cause the idea of a clearing house for goods to stay in the background.

That the Stevens petrol-electrics in Gwalior, which vehicles were ordered through THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR, continue to do well.

That the refusal of Letchworth landladies to lodge non-Union fitters was only temporarily the cause of embarrassmsnt to a local engineering undertaking.

That the horse is just now receiving a lot of attention from the public, in sympathetic consideration of imminent mminent falling away from possession in the hate age world.

That a well-known firm of manufacturers is quite grateful for the assistance rendered by this journal when an attempt was made to " hit below the belt" tact week.

That the promoters and supporters of Brighton and Hove's trolleybus Bills have been hard put ti ii to justify their claims before the special Committee of the House of Lords.

That it is not an unknown case for a driver to start up the engine of a petrol-electric chassis with the controller in the forward position, and for the machine to rim away in consequence.

Of a big farmer with £5000 invested in steam-engines, who invited half the industry to witness the expected discomfiture of a petrol tractor, and that at the end of the day he was exceedingly thoughtful.

That the new administrators of the L.G.O.C. mean to put on sufficient. new motorbuses to enable them to improve the older claim of the bus company so that it may read :—" We carry you ALL all the way."

That Mr. Edwin Jones, J.P., the Chairman of Bon March, Ltd., Brixton, thought it good enough to refer at length to the advantages of motorvan delivery, at his company's last annual general meeting, and that he has more vans on order.

That whereas 1570 L.C.C. tramcars serve a bare NO route-miles in and around London, averaging 114 clumsy vehicles to the mile, 1650 motorbuses serve 172.5 route-miles, averaging 96 handy vehicles to the mile, and that the iramears cause the obstruction.

That people who put forward fatal-accident statistics for electric tramcars and motorbuses in the Metropolis always forget to mention the fact that the motorbuses work in all the crowded thoroughfares of the central zones, whereas the tramcars are properly not admitted to most of them.

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