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3rd October 1922, Page 13
3rd October 1922
Page 13
Page 13, 3rd October 1922 — ROAD WORK FOR THE AGR1MOTOR.
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An Instance where it proved Practicable to Use a Tractor in London's Heavy Traffic.

ORD dealers the country over are prepared to equip the Fordson tractor for road haulage, and, as evidence of the practical use to which the machine can be put in this direction, A. and S. Andrews, Ltd., of Ealing Common, London, W. 5, early in the summer carried out a series of demonstration runs to prove to the road transport department of the Great Western Railway that the Fordson could be so used.

The machine, within its limitations, did extremely good work. It was set to make a double journey from Paddington to the Victoria and Albert Docks and return, to be loaded each way, and to accomplish the job on a reasonable allowance of fuel, and to do this on three consecutive days. The distance was about 121 miles, but slight variations naturally cropped up, so that the first day's record was 51.7 miles, that of the second day 50.9 miles, and that of the third day 50.6 miles. The average running time per single journey varied from one day to the other, the lowest average being on the second day, viz., 1 hr. 30 mins_ The average time of the other two days was 1 hr. 35 mins. The average loads hauled on the first day were 5 tons 6 cwt. 1 qr., of which the van itself tared 1 ton 9 cwt. 1 qr_On the second day the net load of goods was 4 tons, giving a total load of 5 tons 9 cwt. 1 qr. On the third day the loads were increased to 4 tons 7 cwt., making a total hauled load of 5 tons 16 cwt, 1 qr. The daily consumption did not vary to any material extent. On the first day it was 10 gallons of paraffin, 1 pint of petrol and-2 pints of oil. On the second arid third days it was 9 gallons of paraffin, 1 pint of petrol and 3 pints of oil per day. On the first day the engine was left running unnecessarily, and the driver lost time through lack of

familiarity with the conditions prevailing at Paddington and at the docks. An attempt was made on the two subsequent days to improve upon the time, and this fact, with the heavier loads, accounts for the greater, cimsumption of oil on those dais.

The tractor experienced no trouble in tackling the job, except on the third day, when restarting on a slimy cobble road after a traffic stop, but a little sand under the wheels enabled it to restart with its load, There is a fairly stiff gradient from the City Road to the "Angel," and the load was hauled up it nearly the whole way on top gear. No mechani

cal troubles developed, and beyond replacing a radiator bolt no adjustments or repairs were found necessary.

The rear wheels have been constructed to enable the user to load them as conditions may.demand, and as can be seen from our photograph the weight of an additional person could be employed to increase the adhesion on bad road surfaces. There are many uses to which the aguieultural tractor can be applied so that its haulage capacity can be more fully exploited, and such concerns as A. and S. Andrews, Ltd., should be consulted in any case where the machine would appear to fit in.


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