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"Set His Sights Too High"

3rd November 1961
Page 43
Page 43, 3rd November 1961 — "Set His Sights Too High"
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AN applicant who wanted to switch four contract A licensed vehicles to full ordinary A was said by the Metropolitan Licensing Authority, Mr. D. I. R. Muir, last week, to have set his sights far too high. The application was

refused. ,

The applicant, E. S. O'Connell and Sons of Colindale, Middlesex, had held a contract with Sir Robert McAlpine and Co., Ltd., for the four vehicles since 1956. The Licensing Authmity said that he was satisfied that they were willing to continue and their support for the change was only to try to secure the best of both worlds.

In answer to Mr. James Amphlett, for the applicant, Mr. E. M. O'Connell told the Authority that the vehicles earned just over £12,000 in a year and payments to sub-contractors mainly on

behalf of McAlpine, amounted to a further £10,000. He wanted to use tie vehicles for other customers when th-y were not wanted by McAlpine, either o or from sites or places to which th-y were already going.

Mr. Muir said that because of the lo g association between them, MeAlpi e assumed that O'Connell would still ic at their beck and call. Their m reason for supporting the applicati n was that they may not have to pay f the empty mileage.

It was not a question of whether r not they were ill-advised about tie change but whether they understood a d fully appreciated the consequences.

(the Licensing Authority) did not thi k so. If McAlpine need the scope for tie work of their associated companies a B licence would do.

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