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False Economies Effected by Re-. ducing Drivers' Wages

3rd May 1932, Page 82
3rd May 1932
Page 82
Page 82, 3rd May 1932 — False Economies Effected by Re-. ducing Drivers' Wages
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TT is inevitable that, at a time like the present, -1-vehicle owners of all degrees should be taking all reasonable steps to achieve economies in the operation of their fleets. The exercise of considerable discretion is, however, very necessary If the attainment of the principal objective is not to be defeated.

Wise spending is the propel interpretation of the word economy to-day, if the wheels of industry are to be kept turning at their maximum possible speed, which is most essential. That almost goes without saying. There is, however, another aspect of the matter to which We should like to refer, and that is to the practice of cutting the wages of drivers as one measure of economy. Viewed in its most selfish light, the Interests of the owner, it is still false economy.

Motor-vehicle drivers, more than any other class of employee, are susceptible to encouragement, or the reverse. They can, in the way they do their work, affect the economy of operation of the vehicles they control to a degree which is seldom fullyrealized. It is no exaggeration to state that a good driver can show a saving, as compared with a poor one, more than equal to his own wages. Clearly, therefore, it pays to offer wages which will attract satisfactory men, and to continue to pay those wages in order to keep them efficient.

If the circumstances be such that some reduction of wages seems inevitable, then we suggest the offer of a bonus as a means for rectifying the deficiency in the pay envelopes. It is, fortunately, a peculiarity of motor-vehicle operation that it lends itself readily to the application of a variety of simple bonus systems which can be made to show returns to owner and drivers alike.


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