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31st May 1968, Page 19
31st May 1968
Page 19
Page 19, 31st May 1968 — Repeat scoop by
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Willetts by Paul Brockington

• Winner of Class E (1) and of the local championship last year, together with the award for the best C-licence driver, P. Willetts of the Lockheed Brake Co. repeated his wins in all these categories at Coventry on Sunday and shared in the award for the best team. Veteran of the Coventry contest, Willetts has taken part in all the local eliminators, apart from one when he was in hospital. He has participated in four finals.

Last year Willetts drove an eight-year-old Dodge; on Sunday he was driving a new Ford D1000 platform lorry and praised its handling characteristics as well as its performance. His one complaint was that he could not "see the wheels" when he was reversing in the kerb test.

An original feature of the event was the use of three different types of vehicle for the three manoeuvring tests in the run-off for the local championship. These comprised a Comma A-Class pick-up for the kerb test, an E(1) Class Bedford for the bay test and an AEC/Carrimore Class-G carcarrier attic for the width judging test. These were loaned by Two Gates Ltd., Prim Removals and Progressive Deliveries Ltd., respectively.

The form of the run-off was generally approved—notably by D. M. Readtnan who, as a corporal in the RAF, won two national championships and who was an interested spectator on Sunday. Readman is now warehouse and District manager of the Tecalemit company in the Midlands.

Readman's comment that the markerboard type of width-judging test was "far too easy" was borne out by the points lost in this test. Few of the leading drivers lost as much as 20 points and many got through with the loss of only two or three points.

Possibly the Class H test produced a new kind of record. The total points lost by the first three drivers was 1,388, the driver with the lowest penalty points scoring 455. The fourth man was penalized 1,046 points.

COVENTRY RESULTS Class A: up to 16ft: 1, R. Horner. (Enterprise Bakeries Ltd.) Austin, 89 pts: 2. T. A. Bralee (Walsgrave Hospital) Austin. 95; 3, 8. S. Dhanda (GPO Coventry) Morris, 100: ties with R. Wood (R. F. Brookes Ltd.) Bedford, 100.

Class B: 16 to 19ft: 1, R. W. Carter (Ernest Batley Ltd.) Morris, 60; 2, 0. Spike, A. F. Brookes Ltd.) Bedford 67; 3. J. Poulson (Enterprise Bakeries Ltd.) Ford, 102.

Class C: 19 to 22ft: 1, Cpl. Cronin (RAF St. Athan) Bedford. 76, 2, S. Newman A. F. Brookes Ltd.) Bedford, 92; 3, J Poulson, (Enterprise Bakeries Ltd.) Ford, 102. Class D: 22 to 25ft: 1, M. Harrison (Borough of Nuneaton) Sand D. 66; 2. O'Farrell {Ind Coupe Ltd.) AMC, 87; 3, A. Kent, (Ministry of Public Building and Works), BMC, 88.

Class El: 25ft with two axles: I. P. Winans (Lockheed Brake Ca. Ltd.) Ford, 55: 2. G. Farey (Lockheed Brake Co. Ltd.) Dodge, 59; 3. J. Hamilton, (Bowes Motors Ltd.) Commer, 63.

Class E: Over 25f1 with more than two axles: 1, W. Clarke, (Ind Coope Ltd.) ER F, 85:2, P. Webster (Staveley Chemicals Ltd.) Atkinson, 96:3. H. Price (Stanton and Staveley Ltd.) Atkinson, 122.

Class Fl : Flat or sided semi-trailers with flat or drop-frame, up to and including 33ft overall length: 1. A. Rosser. (Rootes Motors Ltd.) Commer. 185; 2, J. Carter (Ernest Batley Ltd.) Leyland, 320; 3, R. Rendall (Rootes Motors Ltd.) Commer. 446.

Class F2: Box or tank semi-trailers with flat or dropframe, up to and including 33ft overall length: 1, T. Cattell (Petrofina (GB) Ltd.) AEC, 128; 2. G. Russell (Petrofina (GB) Ltd.) AEC, 181: 3, A. Wells (Shell-Men and Al' Ltd.) AEC. 194.

Class G: Flat or sided semi-trailers with flat or drop-frames, over 33ft: 1, V. Townsend (Stanton and Staveley Ltd.) Commer. 79: 2, A. Burdett (Rootes Motors Ltd.) Commer, 81; 3, M. Hughes, (Ernest Batley Ltd.) Leyland, 84.

Class H: Box or tank semi-trailers with flat or drop-frame over 33ft: 1, W. Bonner IGeo. Averill Ltd.) Commer. 441; 2, C. Jovannou (GEC Ltd.) Morris, 456;3, A. Johnstone (Geo Averill Ltd.) Seddon, 492.

B est tearn: Lockheed Brake Co. Ltd. P. Willetts, G.

Farey, L Justice).

Best C-licence vehicle: P. Willetts, Best Service driver: Cpl. Cronin.

Overall champion: P. Willetts.

Most consistent performance over three years: R. W. Carter.

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