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31st May 1921, Page 3
31st May 1921
Page 3
Page 3, 31st May 1921 — ONE HEARS
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

Of a greater traction, "Less stoke, less smoke."

Of Italian skies in Soho.

Of a clearance of unholy smoke ?

"Where is London's smoke-screen now ? " That the best policy is an insurance policy. That the man who lubricates most; pays least.

Of Cobalt prospects which are far from blue.

That neglect of lubrication is the root of all evils.

Of cushy war posts and hard post-war conditions.

That, if you were going to Stoke, you had better not.

That the " proof" of the driven comes out in the driving.

Of a Maudslay mobilizing hay ricks and straw stacks en bloc.

'That the way of endless strikes leads to the Bottomless Pit.

Of those that strike on the box, and of those who strike in the pit.

That we cannot possibly carry on with this "threepoint suspension.', That spirit in the float chamber is better than pop in the induction pipe.

That a smart van has become a necessity to the progressive business.

That if you buy a van with a good reputation you may eventually get one yourself.

That " unity " of output, week by week, is not necessarily an industrial blessing.

That it is better to -spend a little money on the brake than to spend a lot on the breakage.

That, as with a horse, you should not let a motor vehicle get a bit between its teeth—especially its gear teeth.

That those who try to make a motorcar a van don't always succeed, but the motor . caravan is a. great success.

Of opprobrious shop-window patriotism about "home production" and "produce more" camouflaging the back-yard loading-up on --ton trucks.

Petrol down TohaIf-a-crown ?

Not yet, You bet !

When Henry weaves the warp and weft, And keeps his glass-furnace hort, Will agents "frills" that charm Lizzie's " ills " Escape his "melting pot " ? Oh law!

"In the van."

"Down pools! "

Of the straight Edge.

That, occasionally,sit's as. well one owes one.

That till ideas coalesce, we must coal less.

That soar points are gradually being heeled. That a van on. the road is worth two in the garage. That we shall yet experience the piping times of oil. Of "the most unkindest cut of all "—the railway cut.

That a load in the van is worth two in the warehouse.

That, if you over-drive your van, it may drive you to despair.

That it is high time we had more British-built light transport vehicles.

• That, if you overload your van, you may overload your bank balance.

That, in Birmingham, they're successfully atomizing tar for raising steam, That bright Derby% are all very well ; but we prefer Derby Brights.

Of those who'll be getting back views in return for "getting back" views.

That pot-holes worry the road springs much more than do obstacles above ground. o Of sucoessful experiments in treating castsirort bearings for` high-speed running.

That grease caps are meant to hold grease—not grit.. Some people overlook the fact.

That it pays to grease your springs—but you need not necessarily grease your sprinvpalms.

That the condition of a. motor vehicle,is an index of the condition of the business serves.

That it is better to wear out Ferodo on the brake drum than to wear out Clinchers on the kerbstone.

Of those who cavil, carp, and inculpate the Government, forgetting that, constitutionally, they are part of it. .

That, but for mechanical transport, the R.H.S. Show at Chelsea Hospital, Gardens would have been minu-s the majority or its exhibits.


Organisations: Chelsea Hospital
People: Derby Brights
Locations: Birmingham, London

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