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U.D. Order 1,250 New Electrics

31st July 1953, Page 53
31st July 1953
Page 53
Page 53, 31st July 1953 — U.D. Order 1,250 New Electrics
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ANEW driver-operated 25-cwt. three wheeled batteay electric, with rear-axle drive, laminated rubber suspension for the front wheel, a road speed of 8-10 m.p.h. and range, under normal operating conditions, of 20-25 miles per charge, is now available at a chassis price of £418 plus £143 7s. 6d. for 259 amp.-hr. battery. The model, of which 1,250 have been ordered by United Dairies, Ltd., is exempt from purchase tax and transport

levy. .

Built by Wales and Edwards, Ltd., Shrewsbury, Shropshire, to a specification by United Dairies, the new chassis has been developed in collaboration with Mickleaver Transport, Ltd., a subsidiary of United Dairies responsible for all the transport of that concern.

A specification was sent to various manufacturers, who were invited to produce prototypes. The Wales and Edwards model was tested and after an alteration to the transmission, a patent for which is now held by Mick!cover Transport, Ltd., and the introduction of sturdier electrical equipment. 700 were placed in service.

Production has now reached a steady level and the vehicle is to be sold on the open market. Mickleover Transport, Ltd., Park Royal, London, N.W.10, will be the London distributor. The vehicle has a conventional channel with the conventional single reduction.

The patent transmission, which inc,orporafes a chain drive in which a rubber-bonded coupling is interposed between the final sprocket and bevel pinion, cushions the starting torque and has enabled exceptional starting characteristics to be achieved on-snow and ice without using wheel chains.

There is no oil bath, but the duplex chain drive has gimt ..exceilcnt service with fortnightly lubrication and, apart from the guard below,, is left open for inspection. Adjustment for chain tension is made from the saddle, the motor being pivot-mounted on its brackets. The entire unit—motor, drive and axle—can be quickly replaced by disconnecting the main cables from a junction box, releasing the four spring shackles and brake controls.

As a result of service experience, special Sharp contactor gear and a controller have been built. The contactors arc mounted on a cast frame and provide four stages. First and second steps are obtained by initial pressure on the double-depression pedal. All resistance is short-circuited on the final movement of the second depression of the pedal_ To prevent unauthorized driving, the forward-reverse control key is removable when in the " dead " position, and is shaped to prevent loss when the vehicle is being driven.

The vehicle is available as a chassis or with dairy body, having an open or closed cab. The United Dairies standard body is made for 60 crates, each of 20 pints, and has a goods compartment at the front.

Complete with the open-cab body, the three-wheeler weighs I ton 3 cwt.. of which 11 cwt. is imposed on the front axle and 71 cwt. is accounted for by the D.P. Kathanode 259-amp.-hr. battery. The rear axle is arranged to carry about 80 per cent. of the payload.

Gradients of 1 in 6 have been climbed without fail with full and part load in winter. There is adequate battery capacity for two days' work between recharging and, on average, -10-12 electrical units are used daily for recharging.


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