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Financial News of the Industry

30th July 1937, Page 55
30th July 1937
Page 55
Page 55, 30th July 1937 — Financial News of the Industry
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Carlton Coaches, Ltd.—Private company. Reg. July 22. Cap. £2,000 In ord. shares of El. To acquire the business of Mr. R. Faircloagia, of Wigan Coach proprietor,' etc. Directors: R. Fairclough, Mrs. Mazy Fairelongh and Miss Mary Fairclough, 33, Mesnes Street, Wigan; His. Lilian A. Iddon and T. Iddon, 2, Oak Terrace, Laneshaw Bridge, Colne. Secretary: J. Ion. Reg. office: The Depositories, Greenough Street, Wigan.

Stookwood Motors, Ltd.—Private company. Reg. July 22. Cap. R2.500 in 1,500 6 per cent, cum. red, pref. and 1,000 ond. shares of £1. Garage proprietor, haulage contractor, etc. Directors: J. Macklin, 15, Stockwood Drive, Corby, Northants; S. S. Gardner, 18, Oocupation Road, Corby. Solicitor: Josiah Ilincks, 10, Peaeock Lane, Leicester.

B. Skene, Ltd.—PriVate company. Reg. July 22. Cap. 2500 in 41 shares. Garage proprietor, haulage contractor, etc. Directors: J. L. Peris, 31, Fairacre Road, Aigburth, Liverpool; C. Coram, Fruit Exchange, Spitalfields Market, London. E.1. Solicitors: Edward Lloyds and Co., 31, North Sohn Street, Liverpool. Reg. office: 35, Victoria Street, Liverpool, John F. Dunn, Ltd.—Private company. Reg. July 19. Cap, £8,000 in £1. shares. Haulage contractor, etc. Directors: J. F. Dunn, P. B. Dunn and Mrs. Catherine V. Dunn, 144, Kenilworth Avenue, Shawlande, Glasgow, 5.1. Reg, office: 130, Bridgegate, Glasgow, 0.1.

Miltons Garage (Brighton), Ltd.—Private company. Reg. July. 21. Cap. £500 in ord. shares of Al. Garage and coach station proprietor, etc. Subscribers: Violet E. BMus, 11, Stanford Avenue, Brighton; 0. Mills, 5, Albert Road, Brighton. Secretary, V. E. Binns. Reg. Office: 103, Church Road, Hove. Burn Silent Gears (Foreign), Ltd.—Private company. Reg. July 21. Cap. 41,000 in shares. To acquire concessions, licences and inventions, and to manufacture and deal in mechanical appliances, etc. Subscribers: F. D. Flory, 23, Beaumont Mansions, Martiett Court, Bow Street, London, W.C.2: J. S. Cole, 144, Westminster Road, Sutton, Surrey. Solicitors: A. Clifford Lathe and Co., Suffolk House, Laurence Pountney. Hill, London, E.0.4. Reg. office: Suffolk House, Laurence Pountney Hill, London, 810.4. Dixon and Gibbons, Ltd.—Private company. Reg. July 21. Cap. £1,000 in ord. shares of £1. Haulage contractor, etc. Subscribers: 11. 0, Barnsley 44, Bedford Row, London, 'W.C.1; G. Ridley, 46, Gt. Bushey Drive, Totteridge, London, N.20. Directors: J. T. Warburton and J. M. Brougham, addresses not stated. Solicitors: W. Hubert Smith and Co., 20, Red Lion Square, London, W.C.1. Reg. office:. 51, Crass Street, Bale, Manchester. Davies Tyre Co., Ltd.—Private company. Reg. July 20. nem. cap. 450,000 in .41 shares. .To acquire the business of -D.T.C. Ltd., The Hyde, Hendon, London, N.W.9. Tyre manufacturer, .etc. Directors: D. T. Davies, P Oakhill Avenue, London, 14.1:V.3; L. 0., Hamilton, 46, Woodcock Hill, Kenton, Harrow; 11, T. Davies a.nd A, E. Pollock, addresses not stated. Solicitors': Judge, Beardenand :OW, 317, High Holborn, London, W.0.1. Reg. office: Davies Works, Hyde. Hendon, London, N.W.9..


Northern General Transport Co., Ltd., 88, Kingsway, London, W.C.2.— Nom. cap, increased by 150,000 in 41 ord, shares beyond reg. cap. of 4950,000. Zenith Carburettor Co., Ltd., Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middx.—Norn. cap. increased by £35,000 beyond reg, cap of £100,000. Additional divided into .55,000 " A " shares of 10s. and P0.000 "B" shares of 58. RECEIVERSHIPS (APPOINTMENT OR RELEASE). London and Midland Roadways, Ltd., 38 Knights Road, Tyseley, Birmingham.—Mr. IL .f. Lloyd, Salisbury Square House, Fleet Street. London, E.G.. ceased to act. as receiver and manager on June 18, 1957. W. Millard and Co., Ltd-, Gunnersbnry Avenue, London, W.4.—Mr. W. R. Clemens, 640, Finchley Road, London, N.W.11, ceased to act as reeeiver and/or manager on June 30, 1937.


Eastern General Transport CO, Ltd., 84a High Street, King's Lynn.— Mortgage deb. charged en company's undertaking and property, present and future, including uncalled cap., dated July 10, 1937. to secure, £2,800. Holder: Mr. A. H. Worth, Fleet, Lines, Western Garages (Acton), Ltd., Western Avenue, London, W.—Mortgage on properties in Acton, dated July 2, 1937, to secure all monies due or to become due from the company to Westminster Bank, Ltd.


Young Accumulator Co. (1929), Ltd.—Trading profit for year ended March 31, 1937, was £9,677. Charging interest, directors' lees and providing for depreciation brings net profit out at. £5,524. With balance of £8,206 'brought forward, and share premium account of £6,562. total is 120,292. Payment of 3 per cent, dividend less tax absorbs .44,353, and from balance of 415,959 directors -propose writing oil 413,435, representing expenses on underwriting commisSion -oOcount carried forward in previoes balance-sheet, and whole of a.dvertising. development and research expenditure, leaving £2,504to be carried

forward. .

DIVIDEND. • • Wollworthy Piston Rings, Ltd.—Dividend on 6 per cent. ereference shares has been declared in respect of hall year to August 31.

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