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My company runs a fleet of 23 3-ton vans and

30th August 1974, Page 45
30th August 1974
Page 45
Page 45, 30th August 1974 — My company runs a fleet of 23 3-ton vans and
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to maintain these vehicles a workshop able to accommodate one vehicle at a time is provided. There is no pit. The maintenance staff comprises one fitter and one trainee. I have been informed that this maintenance facility is inadequate and I would like to know what standards are laid down by the law. Could you help please?

The law does not lay down standards for vehicle maintenance facilities. When granting an operator's licence the Licensing Authority has to be satisfied that adequate arrangements have been made to maintain the vehicles in question and to do this he has an inspection staff which reports to him. In this case, it seems that the DoE inspector does not think you have adequate arrangements. Undoubtedly, a pit or at least a trolley jack would seem appropriate.



Organisations: Licensing Authority

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