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Auto for Trafic

2nd March 1985, Page 23
2nd March 1985
Page 23
Page 23, 2nd March 1985 — Auto for Trafic
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A THREE-SPEED automatic gearbox is now available as an option on Renault 1,647cc petrol-engined Trafic T1000 vans and minibus models. The ML1 Renault unit has been specifically developed for the T1000 and is controlled by a Renix computer produced by the joint French Renault/Bendix com pany.

The automatic gearbox adds approximately 18kg (40Ib) to the T1000's kerbweight, and has a six-position floormounted selector lever. Gear ratios are 2.5, 1.5 and 1.1:1, with a final drive ratio of 0.805:1. The change up from first to second under normal acceleration is at 28mph and from second to third at 47mph. Using the kickdown these changes occur at 31 and 50mph.

Renault sees the automatic option, which is priced at £515, as appealing primarily to minibus and welfare vehicle operators. Automatic gearboxes are currently available on shortwheelbase T1000 Trafic models with long-wheelbase versions expected to follow shortly.

Sales of Trafic and Master vans this year have already reached more than 1,200 units, and Renault UK expects to sell 10,000 light commercials in 1985.

Renault UK expects the majority of automatic gearboxes to be fitted to T1000 Trafic minibus conversions like this short-wheelbase model produced by Holdsworth Conversions of Reading.


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