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2nd June 1931, Page 60
2nd June 1931
Page 60
Page 60, 2nd June 1931 — DETECTING IGNITION FAULTS
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A SIMPLE device intended rapidly and efficiently to locate faults in either coil or magneto ignition systems has been introduced by the Magneto Services Co., High Street Corner, Thdifax, at the price of 6s, 6d.

The tester incorporates a sliding rod having an insulator knob, and when the former is pulled out for the maximum distance it connects the magneto or coil to a high-resistance gap, thus showing the voltage generated.

In order to use this device, & the sparking-plug wire should be removed and the terminal at the tester end should be fixed in place. Next, the wireremoved from the sparking plug should be connected to a terminal marked in red, the earth wire of the tester being clipped to another part of the engine. The plugs can be checked simply by holding the end terminal of the tester in contact with the plug terminal, and the fact that current is passing is indicated at a small window.

After the sliding rod has been pulled out as far as possible, a distinct spark will, so long as the circuit is up to standard, pass across the gap.


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