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Slim boy fat, happy new year

2nd January 2014
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Page 2, 2nd January 2014 — Slim boy fat, happy new year
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A few weeks ago Mercedes-Benz invited me to Germany to try on an obesity suit yes, I do get the irony! The suit has been developed to allow Mercedes truck

designers to experience what it's like to be overweight. They want to know how easy it is to climb into a truck, wear a seatbelt, reach the steering wheel and collapse into a bunk when you weigh 150kg. Having worn the

fat suit for a few hours, I can confirm that all of these everyday tasks are bloody difficult. Forget Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two moving trucks attempting to climb onto a catwalk in a fat suit is far more difficult. I'm just glad there was nobody there to film it.

The obesity suit is a bit like one of those nappy-filling, crying dolls that they give to teenagers to scare them into never having sex. The whole experience is petrifying, and is just the incentive you need to give all-day breakfasts a swerve forever. That's my new year's resolution sorted (see CM 16 January for the full feature). Happy new year! Also, apologies if we've missed any breaking news, but this issue had to

go to press on 24 December 2013. Will Shiers Editor

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