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2nd December 1938
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Page 38, 2nd December 1938 — OFFICIAL ORDERS IN OCTOBER.
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The following were among the orders tor motor vehicles and allied material, given out by Government Departments during October last :—By the Admiralty, one for lorries to Vauxhall Motors, Ltd. ; by the War Office, one tor ambulance bodies to Mann, Egerton and Co., Ltd., one for chassis and another for lorries to Morris-Commercial Cars, Ltd., and one for lorries to Vauxhall Motors, Ltd.; by the Air Ministry orders for lorry chassis given to the Ford Motor Co., Ltd., and Albion Motors, Ltd., and one for a wireless body and cab for a six-wheel chassis to the Park Royal Coachworks, Ltd. ; by the Crown Agents for the Colonies, one for road rollers to Aveling-Barford, Ltd., and one for motor ambulances to Morris Industries, Exports, Ltd.

Road Fund Tax by Instalments.

United Dominions Trust, Ltd., Regis House, King William Street, London, E.C.4, is operating a scheme for the payment of the Road Fund tax by instalments. The company stresses the point that its service can save from 31-5i per cent, on the yearly tax bill, apart from providing the operator with the convenience of paying for licences out of income. The concern is issuing a descriptive leaflet, giving details of the scheme, which may be obtained from the addressgiven above.

Do Traders "Kill the Goose "?

Trading interests have not appreciated that by beating down road and rail charges, they weaken the ability of both systems to offer that superlative service, which the trading communities claim to be essential, said Mr. C. E. R. Sherrington, secretary of the Railway Research Service, in an address which he gave to the Manchester, Liverpool and District Section of the Institute of Transport recently.

After quoting the number of Clicensed vehicles, in comparison with the total number of goods-carrying vehicles, Mr. Sherrington said the figures indicated the comparative lack of legislative control and the power of indpstry to beat down the haulage rate, whether by rail or road, through the threat to conduct its own haulage.

Licence Applicant Emphasizes Peculiar Aspect of Coal Selling.

The anomaly of a coal merchant who did a better trade in the summer than in 'the winter, came under the notice . of the West Midland .Deputy Licensing Authority (Dr. W. Dawson Sadler) at Birmingham, last week. The application of Mr. Harry Marriott, Erclington, Birmingham, for an additional B licence to the A licence he already holds, was dismissed after the applicant had declined Dr. Sadler's offer of an adjournment, to enable him to get witnesses in support of his application.

Mr. Marriott said that he wanted to revive the coal part of his business, which he gave up five years ago, and claimed that he had the nucleus of a trade which would fully occupy the n4 new vehicle he required. He already had enough customers, he said, to keep the vehicle occupied for three days a week all the year round, with a slightly better trade in the summer than in the winter. Explaining this apparent inconsistency, Mr. Marriott said that during the winter, there were a lot of coal merchants about, but so soon as it becomes a little warmer "they all pack up, and nobody has any coal. That is where I come in.'.' He said that the adjournment would be no use, as he was sure he could not get witnesses to come to court. B LICENCE APPEAL DISMISSED.

Decision was given against the road hauliers when Messrs. L. F. and H. F. Harrison, Brandon Parva, Norfolk, appealed to the Tribunal, in London, against the Eastern Licensing Authority's refusal to grant a B licence and to vary the conditions attached to a B licence. Respondent was the London and North-Eastern Railway Co., and costs in favour of that company were given, amounting tr. £15 3s. 4d.

The Tribunal had nothing to add to the cbservations of the Licensing Authority and agreed with him in Mo.

New Range of Seating Fabrics.

The Pile Fabric Manufacturing Co. (Bradford), Ltd., Industry Works, Bradford, which has had many years' experience in the manufacture of upholstery fabrics, which are largely used in the commercial-motor industry, isto issue a new range of coach moquettes for the 1939 season. As it is not possible to show all the ranges of Brivelco seating fabrics and repps in one book, the manufacturer is inviting coachbuilders and operators to visit its Bradford workS or its London showrooms, at 137, Cheapside, E.C.4, where full ranges are displayed.

Dr. Sadler's "Happy Christmas."

"We were guaranteed peace only till Christmas; and Christmas is nearly here," said Dr. W. Dawson Sadler (West Midland Deputy Licensing Authority) at Birmingham, last week, when a Bilston (Staffs.) haulier, Mr. Harold Turton, made an unsuccessful application. This was for the alteration of his A-contract licence to an open A licence, and he admitted that, during the recent international crisis, the business on which be mainly relied, that of carrying clay to the Potteries, " went dead."

" If there were another crisis, it would go dead again, I suppose," said Dr. Sadler, who dismissed the application on the ground that the need bac' not been proved.

Building Materials by C-licensed Vehicles.

A new title has been selected for the Tipping Vehicle Section of the Liverpool Cart and Motor Owners Association to make it more expressive of the scope of membership. At a recent meeting it was agreed that the name should be the Tipping Vehicle and Building Trades Section.

Attention has been given to the increasing use of vehicles operating under C licences and used for the trans- port of building materials. It was pointed out that in the case of some concerns their businesses were so closely allied with the carriage of building materials for hire and reward that it was difficult to obtain evidence of direct infringements of the conditions of licence.

The day-hire rates of the old Liverpool Short Cart and Motor Owners Association, for tipping vehicles, have been adopted.

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