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Q What are the regulations regarding the fitting of triangular rear

2nd April 1971, Page 51
2nd April 1971
Page 51
Page 51, 2nd April 1971 — Q What are the regulations regarding the fitting of triangular rear
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reflectors on trailers? Must they be fitted to all trailers and are they as I have been told—necessary on draw-bar trailers which already have trailer plates?

A Triangular rear reflectors must be fitted ^ on all trailers (semi and drawbar and caravans) which were first used after July 1 1970. Trailers first used before this date must comply with the requirements by July 1 1972.

Drawbar trailers which are already fitted with trailer plates must be fitted with the new type of triangular reflectors and provided that these new reflectors are surrounded by a halfan-inch wide white border, the trailer plate is no longer required. The white border is not required on reflectors fitted to semi-trailers and broken-down vehicles.

The original obligatory rear reflectors, fitted to vehicles used before July 1 1970 which have the new type of reflectors fitted, need not be removed for operation in this country but if the vehicle is to be used in France. Italy or West Germany these will have to be removed.

The new type of reflectors must comply with BS AU 40. L111 or BS AU 40 L111A and be of the types shown.

The length of the sides of the equilateral triangle must be between 150mm and 200mm, If type A is used the minimum width of the sides must be 20 per cent of the side measurement and if type C is used the shortest distance between adjacent reflective surfaces must not exceed 15mm.

The reflectors must be fitted on the rear of trailers with their lowest edge not less than 15in. from the ground and their apex no more than 42in from the ground. The distance between the reflectors must be at least 21 in and the distance from the edge of each reflector to the outermost edge of the trailer must not be more than 16in.


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