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29th September 2011
Page 40
Page 40, 29th September 2011 — CYCLISTS
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The first objection to cyclists has to be their clean, green smugness, which we suspect doesn’t help them avoid other pitfalls. Lawrence Baldock says: “They need to be more aware that they are responsible for their own safety, not just others’. In the press it’s always ‘the lorry hit us’, but what were they doing cutting up the nearside in the first place?” Chris Wootton says: “They do seem a bit oblivious, thinking they can do what they want –like having no lights at night and wearing black clothes.” “They’re just unaware of what can happen to them, aren’t they?” adds Harry Brown. Paul Everett, normally a mild-mannered chap, gets as close to vitriolic as we’ve ever seen him. “If they would stick to the Highway Code, they would be fine,” he opines, “but the coming up on your inside and ignoring traffic signals pisses me off!” It’s definitely the ‘dicing with death’ fetish that gets truck drivers wound up, and who can blame them? We all know who’ll get the blame when it all goes wrong, and sure as eggs is eggs it won’t be Mr Pushbike.

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