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29th September 1978
Page 69
Page 69, 29th September 1978 — kat* litft
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HOPE you will not think too adl of us if I put forward some

epl es to your judges' om ents about our entry to the 'Liv ry of the Year competi1)n, This is not -sour grapes"'

ut n attempt to put forward

• .se for individual design on ehi les rather than the normal 'sig writingapproach.

e are pleased and flattered hat he judges were impressed with the vehicle but we do not gre that it would be imposbit to repeat. In fact, the eco d one would be simpler as ve ould have one to copy. alt ough it is considered a 'ch at'', I am told that one can let "'transfertype of mural to

lo number of vehicles,. Ith ugh we did not investigate his ine of thought.)

T e main point of customype liveries is that the approach 3 I • ividual and if we were to to another vehicle, Ithe ugh the red and green base trip -s would remain, the theme if t e mural part of the vehicle you d most certainly change to live it an identity of its own. Sny ne can "signwrite" a .ehi le but to add individuality rid "styleto blend in with an ipe .tion and system already vor ing requires something pec al.

T e judges obviously are not rch rs. The one thing archers lo ot like is logos, including arg ts, because you would lw ys choose the wrong type of arg t to portray, there are so nan options and the "target" he e went out in 1930.

A chery is a modern highly ech ical competitive sport and iur company leads Europe in ■ rc ery Developments, being lire tly involved with many of he odern techniques used in om•etition. The illustrations

oils very closely our whole dv:rtising -package" and are .priicluced in our catalogue. T e vehicle was designed for eve al functions 1, to deliver Ind ollect goods; 2, as a demo ehi le (it is customised inside

is II) where our rep can show

am 'les and visual aids to propestive customers and place ird rs on the fitted radioele hone; 3. as an integral part if 'Air display unit, as an iffii e /reception /store hos

iital unity: 4, as a functional dministration unit at shoots, vhe e its electronic equipment PA system, radio-telephone, tar er siren, arrow testing equipment and CCTV system) can be used for the smooth running of the event.

The vehicle took over a year to spec out and plan. We didn't want just a van, we wanted a personalised, highly unusual, practical promotions vehicle and we certainly got it.

JIM W. WILCOX Archery Developments Ltd, Leighton Buzzard