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Motorcab Topics.

29th June 1911, Page 7
29th June 1911
Page 7
Page 7, 29th June 1911 — Motorcab Topics.
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Some further attempt is being made to secure licences from the Cromer Urban District Council for taxicabs to ply for hire in that town.

A New Company.

L. C. E. King and Co., Ltd-, with an authorized capital of 12,600 in £1 shares, and with its office at Sussex Garage, Sussex Street, Southsea, to carry on the business of automobile dealers, taxicab proprietors, etc.

Coals to Newcastle.

At a recent meeting of the Watch Committee of the IS eweastle Corporation, one of the councillors made a serious complaint with regard to the smoke which he alleged was habitually emitted from the taxicabs plying for hire in that city.

General Chief Retires.

Drivers and other employees of the General Motor Cab Co., Ltd., have presented an illuminated address to Mr. Edgar Cohen, upon the occasion of his retirement as managing-director of the company. The presentation was made at the Brixton Garage.

Bruhn's in Buenos Ayres.

In Buenos Ayres there are 4,500 cabs, of which ,only 80 are motorcabs. The municipal authorities in that city have now made a compulsory order, after a series of exhaustive tests, that Bruhn's taximeter be fitted to the whole of these horsed and motorcabs exclusively. Norwich.

No taxicabs are plying for hire in Norwich during the Show week, but Mann, Egerton and Co., Ltd., the well-known agents and repairers of that city, keep a number of hire vehicles ready in their garage, and these may be called by telephone.

The National Contract.

The Government contract for the supply of taxicabs for the use of the King's Colonial and other guests during the recent Coronation period was for 50 machines for a period of 15 days. We are informed that the contract price was at the rate of 3:2 per cab per day and that the machines had to be at the Royal _Siews at 9 o'clock a.m. and to be available for use until 11 p.m. The driver's wages were £3 per week of seven days.

Weston Awakening.

In Weston-super-Mare, the committee responsible for the licensing of hackney carriages has, until quite recently, been undecided as to its attitude in the matter of the issue of the necessary permits. Licences for 20 taxicabs have now, i however, been approved, and t ill not, therefore, be necessary for these machines to ply for hire from private stands in future. The proprietors of the licensed vehicles have agreed to take into their employment any of the old horsecah employees who are thrown out of employment because of the new form of competition. More." blushes."

Since the recent ruling with regard to the issue of licences for hire-purchase taxicabs, which we have reported in a previous. issue, a large number of applications for licences for such machines has been made to Scotland Yard. An increase in the number of orders is also reported from several manufacturers who do this class of business, and they trace this circumstance to the recent ruling.

Aron Electricity Meter, Ltd.

The fourteenth annual general meeting of The Aron Electricity Meter, Ltd., was held on Tuesday of last week. An important branch of the business conducted by this company is the manufacture and hiring of taximeters. A small subsidiary company, in which the shares are all held by the parent concern, has been floated in orderthe better to handle the taximeter branch of the business. The total revenue of this branch has been employed towards writing down the expenses and the costs of the instruments which are hired out. The Aron Electricity Meter, Ltd., for the completed twelve months, shows a gross profit on trading of £14,000—a £9,000 advance on the trading of last year. Dividends at the rate of 3 per cent. on the Preference and 0 per cent. on the Ordinary shares are to be paid. Colonel B. E. Crompton, C.B., and Mr. S. Barclay Heward were reelected directors.

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