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Eight-cylindered. Eight-wheeler for Palleted Loads

29th July 1955, Page 46
29th July 1955
Page 46
Page 46, 29th July 1955 — Eight-cylindered. Eight-wheeler for Palleted Loads
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COR a vehicle to be overpowered A rather than underpowered is to be preferred in the interests of economical running, according to Mr. C. D. Craddock of Messrs. Craddock Bros., of Cgo v e n. Staffs. The firm have recently been supplied with an Atkinson eight-wheeler fitted with a Gardner 8LW oil engine by Ryland Garage, Ltd., Ryland Street, Birmingham, 16.

This is the most powerful unit in Mr. Craddock's fleet and is intended for the transport of Mazak steel billets. It tows a trailer carrying a similar type of load. • Judging by past experience with similar vehicles fitted with different engines, it is expected that file] consumption of the new lorry will be comparable with that of other eightwheelers in the fleet with smaller power units. The reason for this optimism is the increased pulling power in top gear.

The vehicle is one of the first to be fitted with a Gardner 8LW engine for use in this country. The unit has eight cylinders with a 41,-in. bore and a 6-in. stroke, these dimensions being common to the smaller units in the range. A power of 150 b.h.p. is developed at the governed speed of 1,700 r.p.m., and the torque output is 478 lb.-ft. at 1,300 r.p.m. The piston compression rings are chromium plated and the cylinders are fitted with dry liners.

Gearbox and transmission details correspond to those of the 1.1588 overseas eight-wheeled model, also fitted with the 8LW engine. The five-speed gearbox, which forms a unit with the engine, has forward ratios of 1 to 1 (top gear). 1.61, 2.61, 3.96 and 7.7 to I, whilst the reverse ratio is 7.325 to 1. The drive is transmitted through a 16-in.-diameter clutch to an overheadworm rear axle with 81-in. centres. The rated tractive effort is 12,400 lb.

A wheelbase of 17 ft. 81 in. provides a platform length of 24 ft. measured from the back of the cab. Although the engine cover projects over the platform in the centre by some 18 in., it does not represent lost payload space to the Operator, who loads the palleted billets along the sides. A double-skin hardwood floor with a total thickness of 2 in. will give adequate strength for the concentrated loads.

The rated speed ot the vehicle is 30.7 m.p.h. when fitted . with the standard wheel equipment and 11,00-in. by 20-in. tyres. It is used to tow a Dyson 8-ton trailer, and the total payload carried by the outfit amounts to 23 tons.

Another stipulation of the operator Was that the vehicle and trailer should be equipped with air-pressure brakes. Mr. Craddock runs a fleet of about 30 vehicles, the heavier lorries being mainly of Atkinson manufacture. His drivers have shown a strong preference for this type of braking system.

The method of arranging the steel billets is of particular interest, in that the bottom sections arc cast with legs to obviate the use of fabricated-pallets. The billets are bound together with steel strip to form "stools," each weighing about a ton. Loading and unloading times are greatly reduced by handling with a fork truck, particularly when the labour force available is limited.


Locations: Birmingham

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