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29th January 1929
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Page 10, 29th January 1929 — A SIX-CYLINDER THREE-TONNER.
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THE six-cylindered eugine is rapidly coming to the fore for use both in connection with the passenger vehicle and that designed for the transport of goods. Therefore, particular interest attaches to the new Dodge Brothers three-ton chassis, which is known as the H.E.X. and which is intended for passenger bodies to seat from 26 to 28 persons, or for the carriage at high speeds of three tons of goods.

Our impressions of the chassis are that it is soundly constructed, of ample strength for its rated capacity and, in general, of simple design which should render it easy to maintain.

The power unit has six cylinders of n ins, bore and 4i ins, stroke, cast in one with the upper half of the crankcase, the head being detachable in one Piece. It is four-point mounted in the frame, but the forward points are close together so that stressing of the crankcase is obviated, whilst the en bloc construction stiffens the unit to a very appreciable extent, this being assisted by carrying the sides well below the crankshaft line.

Carburation is effected by a Stromberg double-venturi instrument. For passenger work it is recommended that a specially large 'dynamo be employed in conjunction with a voltage control which gives efficient charging of the battery. The extra cost for this includes a battery of specially large capacity. The dynamo output is 225 watts, and the instrument is fitted at the near side of the engine, being mounted on a special carrier which is formed in one with the front enginebearer plate.

A separate shaft mounted in two Timken roller races is provided for the pulley, dogs conveying the drive to the armature shaft. The starter is bolted at the near-side front of the flywheel housing.

A Purolator filter ensures the provision of clean oil to the bearings.

The fan spindle serves to drive a water impeller, the fan and dynamo being operated by a triangulated link belt of ample dimensions.

On the dashboard are a temperature indicator and a hand control for the shutters in front of the radiator, Engine, clutch and gearbox form a unit, and the clutch is a single dryplate pattern. Four forward speeds are provided by the gearbox, which is controlled by a central lever and has the hand-brake lever mounted at one side of it.

At the rear of the gearbox is a parking brake with a wide, contracting band. The brakes on the four wheels are operated on the Lockheed hydraulic system, which certainly proves most effective. The rear drtun% are 16 ins. in diameter and 21ins, wide, whilst those at the front are of the same diameter but 2/ ins, wide, both sets of shoes being of the internal-expanding

type. , A two-piece propeller shaft with a self-aligning centre bearing takes the drive to the spiral-bevel-driven rear

ask, the casing of which is a verticalbanjo dropped forging.

The frame is straight throughout, but tapered to the front and rear, and well braced by channel-section eross-members and diagonal corner members. The maximum depth is 7,1t ins, and the flange width 2.k ins.

The suspensioh is by 4-ft. 8-in, rear springs, 3 ins, wide, and 3-ft. 3-in. front ,springs having a width of 21 FUR. The appearance is greatly enhanced by the nickelled radiator shell within which is the cooling core, In the centre of the 18-in, steering wheel are a lighting switch and the throttle and spark controls. On the dash are a choke control and a speedometer driven from the rear end of the gearbox. There are certain details of the chassis which present points of especial interest. For instance, the pin-andball-type universal joints are particularly neat and are totally enclosed, thereby being easy to lubricate and free from excessive wear which so often occurs.

The .25-gaIlon petrol tank is mounted at the near side by angle-steel brackets bolted direct to the frame side-member and fitted with strip-steel stays. The support is also made rigid along the length of the tank by utilizing another piece of angle steel the whole arrange meat being extremely strong, although neat in apearance. During a recent test undertaken by the company, one of these chassis carrying a load of 4 tons 9 cwt., including the cab and body, left London at 5 p.m. on Friday, and, without exceeding 26 m,p.h„ reached Birmingham at 10.20 p.m., the distance being approxi mately 120 miles. We are assured that during the whole journey only two changes of gear were required, and these to the third speed only.

The main particulars of the chassis are as follow :—Wheelbase, 15 ft. 5 ins. ; chassis weight, 2 tons 1 cwt. ; tyres, 32-in. by 6-in: pneumatics, twins at rear ; final-drive ratio, 7.125 to 1; gearbox ratios: top, direct; third, 14.82 to 1; second, 28.5 to 1; first, 46.313 to 1; reverse, M.031 to 1. The chassis price is 1645.


Locations: Birmingham, London

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