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Lal licence suspended

29th August 1996, Page 25
29th August 1996
Page 25
Page 25, 29th August 1996 — Lal licence suspended
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• A Bradford lorry driver has had his LGV driving licence suspended for three days because of drivers' hours convictions.

George Moseley, employed by Nlartyn Davies Transport, appeared before the North Eastern Deputy Traffic Commissioner Brian Horner at a Leeds disciplinary inquiry For Moseley, Gary Hodgson said the offences, taking insufficient daily rest, exceeding the daily driving limit, taking insufficient weekly rest, and two 4.5-hour driving offences, had been committed between November 1994 and January 1995. He argued that there were no road safety aspects in the offences and that on the day the daily rest offence was committed, Moseley had sufficient rest but not within the required 24-hour period. Similarly, with the weekly rest offence. Moseley had had 38.5 hours rest but it was interrupted by four periods of 15 minutes driving. Again, in One of the 4.5 hour offences, Mryseley had had 45 minutes break but it was interrupted.

Moseley was engaged ohcontinental work and had bem pressurised by the customer, said Hodgson. He added that the company no longer worked for the freight forwarder concerned and that Moseley had no previous or subsequent convictions.

Hodgson said Moseley was just too accommodating ti , the customer and the offences were committed due to a combination of pressure and a misunderstanding of the drivers' hours legislation.

Suspending Moseley's licence, with a severe reprimand. Horner said he felt he could take a reasonably lenient view. He took account of the fact that Moseley had already been heavily fined for the offences and the fact that some of the responsibility lay on the employer's shoulders But Horner emphasised that Commissioners did not take such matters lightly.


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