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John Ball to Run Mansfield Depot?

28th October 1955
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Page 60, 28th October 1955 — John Ball to Run Mansfield Depot?
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42-Vehicle Fleet Bought by Mansfield Company : Other List 12 Units Sold

THE Mansfield depot of British Road Services, and 42 operational vehicles and seven trailers (172 tons), have been acquired by John Ball, Ltd., . Mill Hill Garage, Chesterfield Road, Mansfield.

Another successful purchaser of a unit with premises is the Leverington Transport Co., Ltd., Station Road, Leverington, Terrington St. Clement, King's Lynn. They have bought the depot in Lynn Road, Terrington Clement, together with 11 lorries

tons). • The names of other tenderers for list 12 units below. successful are given SCOTLAND A special A licence for 80 vehicles, including 12 articulated outfits (420 tons) and 17 trailers has been granted to London Scottish Transport, Ltd., Glasgow. • Mr. David W. Ward, Stirling, has bought another three lorries (11) tons). A first purchaser, Mr. Percy Finnic, Pitsligo, has taken over three vehicles (18) tons).

Mr. Sam Anderson, Newhouse, has transferred a lorry to each of the following: Messrs. Carter's Road Services, Glasgow (41 tons); Mr. William Cameron,.Glasgow (41 tons); West Coast Motor Service Co., Campbeltown (31 tons); and Nimmo (Hauliers), Ltd., Shotts (41 tons).

Other assignments authorized by the Scottish Licensing Authority are: a lorry (5 tons) to Mr. Robert Scott, Ratho Station, by Pentland Garage, Ltd., Loan.. head; one (3) tons) to Mr. George Scott, Dalkeith, by Central Garage (Bathgate), Ltd., Bathgate; one (3) tons) to T. C. Brown and Co., Lochmaben, by Messrs. J. and 3. Currie, Dumfries; one (3) tons), based in Glasgow, to James Rice and Co., Ltd., Glasgow, by John Rhind (Haulage Contractors), Ltd., Aberdeen; two (14) tons), based in Glasgow, to Messrs. Cameron and Gibbon, Glasgow, by Mr. Stanley Hughes, Mirfield, Yorks; one (5 tons) to Mr. Thomas Craig, Irvine. by Gleave Transport (Audlem), Ltd., Audlcm Crewe; and one (21 tons) to Mr. George S Palmer, Glasgow, by Mr. Ernest Sanderson, Glasgow.


Special A licences for three lorries granted to Mr. S. Hughes, Somerville, Leeds Road, Mirfield, have been revoked on the assignment of the lorries as follows: one (4 tons 18 cwt.) to Mr. I. Smith, • 9 Riversdale Terrace, Sunderland; one (5) tons) to Metcalfe and Co., Mulberry Trading Estate, Felling, Gateshead; and one (7 tons 12 cwt.) to Robinson's Luxury Tours, Ltd., 74 Cavendish Street, Barrowin-Furness.

NORTH-WEST Five British Road Services' depots in Derbyshire. Staffordshire and London have gone to Hackett's Haulage, Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Salford, 5, who have already bought and sold a large number of ex-B.R.S. vehicles.

The number of operational vehicles involved is 165. with 17 trailers (585. tons). There are also 23 unlicensed lorries. Twenty-three of the vehicles are articulated units, and there are 19 vans, five tippers, five six-wheelers, an eight-wheeler and five. fabric tilts. .

The units, which were offered in list 12, are based at Bethnal Green (6581), Greenwich (6501), Hartington (6605), Swadlincote (1962) and Wirksworth (6584).

Mr. Stanley Hackett told The Commercial Motor this week that his company are to dispose of units 6581, 6605 and 6584 in theyentirety.

The remaining two depots, at Greenn26

wich and Swadlincote, will be tra-nsferred to Woodcocks Transport (Chorley), Ltd., Mr. Hackett's operating company,. who already have 45 lorries on special A licences running trunk services between London, Manchester and Glasgow. Hackett's Haulage, and another associated company, J. W. Fieldsend, Ltd.' who also operate coaches, are concerned only with buying and selling lorries. Three more lorries (19) tons) have gone to W. H. Bowker, Ltd. Hollin Bridge Street, Blackburn. Two Of these (13 tons) were transferred by Mr. R. Heath, 3 Westfield Grove, Wakefield, and the other by Mr. T. J. Hughes, 204 Dick Lane, Bradford.

Mr. E. Charles. Ardwyn, Wern Lane, Rhos, Wrexham, has taken over a lorry (3 tons) from D. Hall and Sons, Ltd., 577 Walshaw Road, Bury; Mr. K. Collins, 118 Bury New Road, Summit, Heywood, one (5 tons) from Mr. F. Homer, 4 Greave Close, Sheepridge, Huddersfield; Bassetts Roadways, Ltd., Tittensor, Stoke-on-Trent, a trailer (2) tons). based in Liverpool, from Mr. R. G. Bassett, of the same address-' Corfields Transport (1955). Ltd., Clifton Garage, New Road, Newtown, sir vehicles (19 tons) from Mr, B. Corfield, of the same addressMr. R. L. Hesketh, Byways, Heskin Lane, Ormskirk, one (5) tons) from T. Guy, Ltd., Black Horse Farm, Burscough; Naylors Transport (Leyland), Ltd., Ivydene, Longmcanygate, Leyland. one (7f tons) from J. W. Fieldscncl. Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Salford, 5; Mr. A. Pritchard, 2 Dcrwen Villas, Wrexham Street, Mold, one (3) tons) from Mr. T. Shinglcr, Liverpool Road, Bickerstaffe; Charles Whalley (Jubilee Garage), Ltd., Jubilee Garage, Great Moreton, Congleton, one (3) tons) from Mr. C. L. Amery, Congleton; Cannock Road Garages, Ltd., in the West Midland Traffic Area. three (6) tons) from Mr. A. Mcalor, Whitby, Ellesmere Port; Messrs. H. C. Coley and R. J. Mayer, in the West Midland Traffic Area, twa (6 tons) from Roberts -Coaches, Ltd., Martins Lane, Crewe; W. Culling, Ltd.. Ruff House, Old Rough Lane, Kirkby, near Liverpool, three lorries (I4) tons) and a trailer (2) tons) by Mr. J. J. Cameron, Junr., 57a Marylebonc, Liveracal. 3.

YORKSHIRE A further purchase, involving 13 lorries and an articulated vehicle, has been made by Parkers Luxury Tours, Ltd., Holme Lane. Selby. Substantial repeat purchases have also been made by Mr. S. Hughes, Somerville, Leeds Road, Mirfield, Mr. W. Storey. Pogue, Ackworth, near Pontefract. and Mr. T. J. Hughes, 264 Dick Lane, Bradford, but in each case the vehicles have been transferred.

Mr. S. Hughes, who has bought another 10 lorries and a trailer, has assigned them as follows: a lorry to T. Glazcbrbok and Son. Ltd., 60 Back Blenheim Mount, Bradford, 8; one to Naylors Transport, Ltd., Leyland; one to Mr. S. Johnson, 421 Westleigh Lane. Leigh; one to Mr. H. Worthington, 338 Oldham Road, Royton; one to Mr. F. Robinson, 12 Union Street, Heckmondwike; one to Messrs. Derwent Haulage, Three Oaks, Elvington, York ; one to Mr. B. W. Homan, 7 Pritchett Road, Ormesby, Middlesbrough; one to Mr. A. J. Fraser. Lynden House, Westerton Road, West Ardsley; two to Mr. D. Boot, Wessington, Derbyshire; and the trailer to A. Curren (Liverpool), Ltd., 2a Ford Street. Liverpool.

Five vehicles are involved in Mr. Storey's latest purchase. These have now been

made over to: Ackworth Transport Co., Ltd., Wakefield Road, Ackworth (two); Mr. C: A. Sheperd, 16 School Lane, Greenhill, Sheffield (one); Humber Transport, Ltd., Oxford Street, Hull (one); and Mr. H. Fletcher, HaniptieId House, Preston, near Hull (one).

The four lorries bought by Mr. T. J. Hughes have been transferred to: Mr. A. J. Fraser (one); Messrs. F.S.T., 104 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield (one); Messrs. L. Creasey and Son, 106 Norton Park View, Sheffield, 8 (one); and Mr. F. A. Milnes, Wakefield Road, Lepton, Huddersfield (one).

Ackworth Transport have assigned a !buy to Talbot Transport (Sheffield), Ltd., 1 Montfort Road, Sheffield, 3, and one to H. Cawthorne and Co., Ltd., 70 Stafford Road, Sheffield, 2.

C. L. Metcalfe Transport, Ltd., Roselaird, Park Lane, Cottingham, near Hull, have taken over seven lorries from Mr. C. L. Metcalfe, of the same address, and one from Mansfield Haulage, Ltd., Stacey Road, Mansfield. Mansfield Haulage have also made over a lorry to C. H. Longrnore, Ltd., Markham Road, Chesterfield.

Two vehicles have been taken over from S. Beaumont, Ltd., 57 Bradford Road, Dewsbury, by S.B. Transport (Dewsbury), Ltd., of the same address.

EAST MIDLANDS John Ball, Ltd., Mill Hill Garage, Chesterfield Road, Mansfield, have successfully tendered for unit 6606, corn.; prising the Mansfield depot of B.R.S. and 42 operational vehicles and seven trailers 4172 tons) and five additional lorries. The fleet includes six articulated outfits, two six-wheelers and two vans.

Mr. C. F. Dickinson, West Street, Billinghay, Lincoln, who has successfully tendered for a unit in list 12, has transferred a vehicle to Mr. C. P. Marshall, Sellandsgate, Old Leake, Boston. A lorry has also been Made over to Mr. S. J. Barrick, Church Street, Goxhill, Barrowon-Humber, by Mr, S. W. Edwards, The Studio, Wellingore, near Lincoln. Seven more lorries bought by Mr. J. Brindlcy, The Close, Sharnford, near Hinckley, have been transferred. Three (12 tons 2 cwt.) have gone to Messrs. Drapers Transport, Willow Cottage, Kiln Road, Thundersley; one (2 tons 16 cwt.) to Mr. P. G. Maddison, Fen Leigh, Fen Road, Heighington; one (4 tons 8 cwt.) to Mr. R. D. Sinclair, in the West Midland Traffic Area; and two (5 tons 17 cwt.) to Murphy Bros., Ltd., Thurmaston.

Murphy Bros., have re-assigned their vehicles to Mr. P. Shirley-Smith, in the West Midland Traffic Area (2 tons 19 cwt.), and Mr. G. T. Liddard, in the Metropolitan Traffic Area (2 tons 19 cwt.), and have also assigned a lorry (7 tons 9 cwt.) to Eric Flewitt and Co., Ltd., in the NorthWestern Traffic Area.

Mr. A. Rhodes. 261 Carlton Road, Nottingham. has sold four further lorries, one (5) tons) going to Mr. J. Chambers, 350358 Haydn Road. Nottingham; one (6 tons) to Mr. J. 1. Comery, 7 Central Chambers, High Street, Long Eaton; one (4 tons 18 cwt.) to Mr. C. Bannister, 97 High Street, . Owston Ferry. near Doncaster; and one

(2 tons 19 cwt.) to Messrs. F. Walker and Sons, Orston.

W. H. $hort (Contractors), Ltd.. Highfields Garage. Newthorpe Common, Newthorpe, have taken over a lorry (3 tons) from Mr. F. A. Wiltshire, 72 Circuit Lane, Reading, and a trailer (2 tons 2 cwt.) from Mr. J. M. Watkins, Triley Bridge, Abergavenny. Mr. V. J. Grange, 124 Bridge Street. Peterborough. has transferred a lorry

(3 tons) to Mr. L. F. Catchpole, Stickford. near Boston. and Messrs. T. G. Knighton and I. Carring, in the Eastern Traffic Area, a lorry (2 tons 18 cwt.) to Mr. De Bohun 0. Bolam. 11 Normanton Park, Oakham Mansfield Haulage, Ltd., Stacey Road Garage. Mansfield, who have taken over...a loo-y (2 tons .19 cwt.) from Mr. J. Ball, Stacey Road, Mansfield, have now translea red it to Mr. G. S. H. Davy, The'Highways, Summer Lane, Wirksworth,

Four more lorries (18 tons 18 cwt.) have been taken over by Messrs. Ward Bros.,

• Middleton Street, Aylestone, Leicester, in a repeat purchase. A first purchaser is Mr. D. Moseley, 7 Stoke Road, Bletchley, •

who has bought a lorry (21 tons).

• EASTERN COUNTIES The Terrington St. Clement depot of based in Lynn Road, has gone to Leverington Transport Co., Ltd., Station Road, Leverington. Offered in list 12 (unit 6636) it comprised, in addition to premises. 11 vehicles (28 tons) and two spare lorries.

Three lorries acquired by Mr. F. G. Chalke. The Beeches, New Bridge, Upwell, have now been sold, one (3 tons) going to Knowles (Transport), Ltd., Primrose 11311, Doddington; one (3 tons) to Messrs. .1. and E. Fletcher and Soil, 26 North Parade, Holbeach; and one (3 tons) to • Messrs. Sutton St. James Haulage, Bells Drove, Sutton St. James.

Messrs. Jordan's Transport, Holme Mills, Biggleswade, have had a lorry (5) torts) made over to them by Mr. S. Harris, Salem House, London, E.9.

Other assignments are: a lorry (3) tons) to R. B. Northwood, Ltd., 15 Gohlington Avenue, Bedford, by Mr. E. R. Fountaine, 14 De Pary's Avenue, Bedford; one (71 tons) to J. Wyatt 'Junr., and Co., Fourmays Garage Diss, by Mr. S. Hughes, Somerville. Leeds Road, Mirtield; one (3 Ions) to Bowen and Harper, Ltd., Enstone Garage, Enstone Road, Lowestoft, by Messrs. Bowen and Harper, of the same address; one (5 tons) to 13: and B. {Lowestoft), Ltd., W011as-ton Road, Lowestoft, by Orwell Roadways (Ipswich), Ltd., 10 Great • Colman Street, Ipswich; and one (3) tons) to'4,1r. E. T.-Monis, New York, Lincoln, by Reads of Peterborough. Ltd.,: Stone Lane, Peterborough. Mr. V. 2. Grange, 124 Bridge Street, Peterborough, has transferred a lorry (3'1 tons) bought off Woodcocks Transport (Cborley), Ltd., Park Road Garage, I lesktn. near Chorley, to Vickers Transport 'CO. (Peterborough).Ltd., 36 St. Leonards Street, Peterborough.

Mi. R.: F. Parsons, 13 Rowley .Drive, Newmarket, has made a'. repeat purchase

of a lorry (3) tons). -7


"I wo lorries (5) tons) based in Cardiff have been made over to Alfred Miller (11.aulage), Ltd., 9-15 Crosby Row, London, S.F.], by Mr. E. Tucker, 81 Hamilton Road, Taunton.

Newport Motor Transport Co., East Usk Road, Newport, Mon, have transferred a lorry to each of the following; Messrs. W. II Hall and Son, Darren Garage, 1-1colycyW, Bridgend (8 tons) and Mr. T. A. Johnsey. 2 Walsall Street, Newport (3, tons).


A first purchaser, Mr. A. H. Cook, London Road, Tetbury, has taken over a lorry (3 tons I cwt,) from MesSrs. J. R. Parsons and R. J. Hardwick, 232 -Fishponds Road, Bristol.

five vehicles (12 tons 17 cwt.) have been made over to W. Porkers Transport, Ltd.. Bidna Yard, Appleclore. Devon, by Messrs. W. J. V. Lainey, G. P. Short and J. Cole. of the same address.

,folni Bull (Bristol) Butchers, Ltd., 7a Stapleton Road, Bristol, have Sold a lorry (3 tons 17 cwt.) to Mr. J. L. Jennings, 21 East Croft. Blagdon.


J. Mew and Son, Ltd., 82 Lugley Street, Newport, I.o.W., have made their first purchase from B.R.S., comprising a lorry {2, tons). Other first purchasers are F. J. Lawrence (Fittleworth), Ltd., The Fleet, Fittleworth, a lorry (3 tons); Messrs. W. G. Pi ivolt and Sons. 5 Drayton Lane, Portsmotali, one (31 tonS); and Martin Walter,

H. Baster and Son, lid. Cap. £500.

Herbert Baxter and Mrs. Mary A. Ptaxtct, The Garage, Swinesilead Road, Wyberton Fen, near Boston. Sec Alan 'Raven. Rug. office: The Garage, Swineshcad Road, Wyberton Fen, near Boston.

A. S. Maya-tick, Ltd. Cap. £4,000, Dirs.: Mrs. Ruth Mayeock and Arthur S. MaycOck, 161; Reevv Avenue, Bradford. Sec.; Ruth MaycOck. Reg. ()ilia!: 168 Reevy Avenue, Bradford.

Bardsley Haulage Co., Ltd. Cap. £1,000. Dirs.: Lazarus Snowise, 90 Dear Road, Didsbury, Manchester; Israel Snowise, 5 Carlton Avenue, Prestwich, and Leonard Bardsley, 16 York Street. Lower Brinignron, Salford, Sec.: A. W. Snowise. Reg. office: 26 Brazennose Street, Manchester. Fairhaven Transport Co., Ltd. Cap. £4,000. tids.; Claude G. H. Coggan, 13 St. Michael's Road, Cardiff, and rarnes A. Fairweather, Brook vale, Pcneiseley Road, Cardiff. Sec.: Claude G. H. Coggan. Reg. office: 71 James Street, Cardiff.

Jamey lAd. Cap. £30,000, Subs.: 3.• Agnes. Sheuchan. cottage; Leswalt High Road, Stranraer. and A: Murray, 25 Lewis Street, &familiar.

Local Carrier Service, Ltd. Cap. £2,500. Dirs.: Lawrence C. Best and Mrs. Winifred Best, 64 Levick Crescent, Middlesbrough. Sec.: Geo. G. Watson. Reg. office: 64 . LeViek Crescent, Middlesbrough.

E. A. Jones (Removals), Ltd. Cap. £4,000, Dirs.: Edward A. Jones, 829 Bristol Road South. Norfield, Birmingham, 31; Eric J. Wilkins, 45 Northfield Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham, 30, • and Francis G. "lhormon, 23 Lewis Road, Stirehley, Birmingham, 30. Sec,: Frederick' Andrews Reg. office: 833 Bristol Road South, NOrfield.

Imperial Tours (Westeliff.on-Soa), Ltd. Can.

, £100. Dirs.: Leslie IL Holmes, Beach Court. Whitefriars Cie-scent, Westcliff-on-Sea, and Philip F. Par.,,ons, 85513 London Road, Westeliffon-Sea. See. Margaret J. Tomlin. Reg. (ANC: 664 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea.

Clarks Coaches (Epperstone), LW. Can. 05,000. Subs.: Peter 1. dime and Mrs. Margaret J. Clark, F.pperst■sne, Notts. Sec.: Margaret J. Clark. Reg. office: 23 King Street, Nottingham.

Ltd., 145-147 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, two (.51 tons).

Martin Walter have transferred their purchase to Mr. E. W. Elks, 4A Magon Road, Dowel. The lorry taken over by F. J. Lowrance (Fittleworth), Ltd., was transferred by Mr. J. H. Sparshatt, London Road ffilsca, Portsmouth. Cheek Bros., Ltd., Church Liam, Newport, Lo.W., have bought another two vehicles (6 . tons); Messrs. Cristopher Hitch and Suns, 49 Meadow Walk, Mote Park, Maidstone, one (3) tons); Mr. W. S. Jelferis, Hill Top, Titchtield Road, Fareham, one (tly tons); Mr. B. W. Manser, Forge Garage, Horsebridge, flailsham, one (3 tons); and R. T. Page and Sons Ltd., 27 Horsham Road, Fittlehampton, one (21 tons). R. Merrick and Son, Ltd., 239 Coxford Road, Southampton, have taken over a lorry (3,.1. tons) from Messrs. Clark Bros., Diamond Road, Bitterne Road, Southampton.

LONDON AND HOME COUNTIES Marden unit 6M9, comprising three lorries (15 torts), has been bought by Mr. E. W. Stokes, 95 Central Park Road, London, F.16. It is a repeat purchase. Two uni[s (7793 and 8009) based at Ifigh Wycombe have gone to Clement Bros. (Portsmouth), Ltd., 102 New Road, Portsmouth. Each comprised a van (3 tons). • Alfred Dexter, Ltd., 33 Southampton Street. London, W.C.2, have taken over 13rentford unit 6995, comprising a lorry (4 tons).

'Special A licences for a further six lorries (20 tons 19 cwt.) have been granted to Mr. S. A. Harris, 20 Salem House, Morning Lane London, E.8. Two of the lorries (7 tons 12 cwt.) have been Made oyer to Mr. F. Harris, 209a Hertford Road, F.nlield, who has also taken over a lorry (5 tons 6 cwt.) in a direct purchase.

Direct purchases have also been made by: Mr. D. D. Hiller, 103 Shoreditch High Street, London, E,1, of three lorries (8 tons 19 cwt.); Mr. T. Regan, Chun Farm, Iforsmonden, one (4 tons 6 cwt.);

J. lentittS Old SOMS. (Skewen), Ltd. Cap. £12,000. Dirs.: Brynley L. Jenkins, 1 Siding Terrace., Skewen, Glam.:. John II. Jenkins, Park 'View, Wein Road, Skcw-mt, and Wm.,* Jenkins, 16 Stanley Road, Skewen, Sec.: Wm. M Jenkins. Reg. office: Winifred Garage, Winifred Road.

Skewer:. . .

:jack Durrell, Ltd. Cap': £10,000. Dirs.: Robt. H. Roll, addreSs-not stateiW Raymond; Cooke, New House Farm, 0119', Great:Yarmouth, •and AubreY Cook, Station Farm, lietherseit, Norwich, Lawrence Owen and_ Co: (Transport), Ltd. CRP.

£100. Lawrence Owen, 37 Edgefold Road, Worsley,• and Alice 3. • llamber, 241 .•Walkden Road, WorsIel: Sec.: Alice S. _Danaher, Reg. office: Agecroft Works, Langley Road, Pendleton.

' •

B. .5. Wrnlanie, Ltd. Cam. I.1,00ff:

Irene .W, Williams_ and BasilS. . Williams, Mcyriek, South. Leigh -Road, ,Eritsworth; -Hants. Sec.: 11. V. Williams. Reg. office: 2 Doughty

Street. London. W.C.I. — .

'Fowlers (Transport), Ltd. Cap. £300. Dirs.: Ashton Towler, Ivy Cottage, • Alford, Linen. Alice Towler, Dleeby, Alford, Lines, and Victor Towler, 16. Gale Crescent, 13anstead, Surrey. Sec.: 'v'ictor Trawler, Reg. office: lOceby.

'Ake] -Transport Services,Lid. Cap. £255000. . Subs:: Anthony J. Somption and Joyce M. Jones, 1 Temple Gardens, London, E,.C.4. Reg. office:

9 Angel Court, London, E.C.2. _ • •

Cooper's Haulage (sm-fleet), Ltd. Can. £50. _ Dirs.: Ivan S. Locke, Westward Hoe, 'Grimsby; and Wm, W., Cooper, Glen Villa,•

Surneet, Spalding. .

Brown and . Jones (Avonmouth), Ltd. Can. £1,000; Dirs.:. Noel E. L.-Brown. 19 Tielvoir Road, Bristol, 6; John S. R. Jones, 42 Old Sneed Avenue, Bristol, 9; Francis'. A. • -Brown and Norman I. L. Brown, addresses not given,See.:. Francis A. L. Brown. Reg. office: Chittening Estate, Avonmouth, near Bristol.

Dodingtoon (Cardiff), Ltd. Can. £500. Dirs.: Ernest G. H, Oissold, 20 Partridge Road, Cardiff', and Arthur L., Dodington, North -Heath-Caravan Park, North Heath, Warmweli, Dorset. See.: Mrs. Raines Clissuld. Reg. office: 20 Partridge Road, Cardiff.

and Mr. R. Lovatt, 4 Fdgehill Road. Royton, two (7 tons 9 cwt.) and a trailer, based in Bermondsey.

Mr. J. Merrell, 10 Walnut Tree Road,

London, S.E.10, who has bought another three lorries (7 tons 17 cwt.) and three trailers, has transferred one of the lorries (2 tons 11 mvt.) and a trailer to J. Merrett and Son, Ltd., 25 WOodland Grove, London, S.E.10, and another lorry (2 tons 12 cwt.) and atrailer to J. Warman, Ltd., 10-11 Paste Row London, S.E.10. Messrs. J. H. Roberts and A. Peat, 45 St. Albans Avenue, Cranham, Upminster, have also acquired a lorry

from Mr. Merrell. Taken over in an -earlier purchase, this vehicle has an unladen weight of 3 tons 4 cwt.

The Metropolitan Licensing, Authority has also authorized the assignment of a lorry (3 tons) to Mr. A. P. Clark, 35 Gautrey Road, London, S.E.15, by J. and H. Transport Services (Peckham), Ltd., lla Selden Road, London, S.E.15; four (19) tons) to Dacol Motors, Ltd., 30-40 Ballo Bridge Road, London, W.3, by • Collings and Stevenson (Contracts), Ltd.,

of the same address; one tons) to Messrs. J. Deamer and Son, Paynes Park, Ilitehin, by Mr. V. J. Grange. 124 Bridge Street, Peterborough; two (10 tons 3 cwt.) to Messrs. R. G. Griffith and F. J. Green, 221 Noel Road, London, W.3, by Valley Carriers, Ltd., Grove Terrace, Penarth; one (2) tons) to Messrs. M. and-L, Transport, 9 Hollywood Road, London, E.4, by A. D. Thompson, Ltd., 273 Pentonville Road, London, N.1; one (2 tong 19 cwt.) to Messrs, E. E. Mansfield and Sons, Marshgate Farm, Nazeing, by Mr. Cr. Griston, Copeland Road, London, S.E.15; one (3 tons 12 cwt.) based at Sunbury," to R.N. Transport (Cosy Coaches. Ltd.), 12 Cherry Orchard, Staines,Mr. A. Cusick. 282 Frederick Street Oldham; and six (44 tons 17 cwt.) based in London, to J. Rhind (Haulage Contractor), Ltd., 26 Froghall Road, Aberdeen, by Hacketts Haulage, Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Salford, 5.

Mr. W. F. Pooley, 2 Tottenham Crescent, Epsom, has taken over a lorry '(3) tons) from Mr. F.. Tucker, Teunton, Somerset.


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