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Output and Exports Recover A 1 THOUGH commercial vehicle production

28th October 1955
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Page 39, 28th October 1955 — Output and Exports Recover A 1 THOUGH commercial vehicle production
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in August was affected by holidays, the weekly average output was 5,611, This compares with 5,295 for July, and 6,161, the Weekly average for the eight 'months ended August. FOorts in Angus( were substantially

higher than in July. .

In August, production reached 22,441 units of which 21,770 were goods rhicles, road haulage tractors and special types, made up as follows: 12.179 under 15-cwt. carrying capacity, 4.161 15 cwt.-3 tons, 3,508 3 tons-6 tons, and 1,922 over 6 tons.

Of the 632 passenger vehicles built, 517 were single-deck and 115 were don ble-deck motorbuses.. Thirty-tine battery-electries.were made,

During the first eight months of the year. 209,496 commercial vehicles were built, made up as follows: Goods, road haulage tractors and special types, 118,635 under l5-cwt. carrying capacity, 40,487 from 15 cwt. to 3 tons, 29,591 from 3 tons to 6 tons a,nd 13,773 over 6 tons; total 202,486. Passenger vehicles: 4,852 single-deck and 1,333 double-deck motorbuses, and 41 trolleybuses; total, 6,226. The total of hattery-eleetrics constructed in this period was 784.

Exports rose from 12,834 units (£7.1m.) in July to 14,450 units (£8,6m.) in August. the total for the eight months of the ye,ar being 108,527 units (£61.3m.). Spare parts and accessories totalled :£67.7m.


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