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How To Play nstant Game

28th March 1996, Page 29
28th March 1996
Page 29
Page 29, 28th March 1996 — How To Play nstant Game
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.. Hold your game card so that losition 1 is at the top right hand orner.

!. Place your card on top of the grid ■ rinted here, so that the top of the grid al your card corresponds to the top of he printed grid in the aagazine.

A prize symbol should now be risible in each of your six clear vindows. If they are all the same, you lave won outright or a share of the rize money stated.

[. Move your card downwards one line I a time to reveal more symbols. You an do this eight times before the botom of your card goes beyond the grid. f on any move all six vindows show the same symbol, rou win.

;. When you reach the bottom of the ;rid, turn your card round so that iosition 2 is top right and try again.

;. Now turn your card over and try gain with positions 3 & 4 and repeat he above procedures.


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